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  • I'm between a Drifloon or a Driflblim.Basically, they were experimented on for a secret Valley Windworks project (the aim of said project I've yet to determine), and they managed to escape even though their ability to phase out was hindered. After that, they wandered aimlessly through the sky until they reached Hearthome or something.
    I'd like to join your RP, and one of my ideas was for a Bisharp that is one of Alois's personal bodyguards. I just wanted to make sure that was okay with you first.
    I'm really interested in joining your RP, but I have a hard time creating backstories. Could you help me with that?
    i wonder, can i send myself a visitor message? will it alert me to it if i can? kind of like you can ping your self on flight rising?

    eta; oh cool i can. no alert though. lame.
    Hi, I noticed your sprite for Baymax was static and not an actual gen six sprite, so I made one for you!
    I see you've applied for your ref job back :o

    Wanna be awesome and pick up my battle with Ether's Bane that has been ignored so many times it cried :c
    Ohhhhh. Yeah. Sorry, but she's kinda being a little rude too. Just a little. I'll edit it, but I'm not deleting it.
    I am going to have to apologize on behalf of my constant nagging when you weren't actually able to do anything about it. It took me a good while to realize your computer had broken down and I was starting to worry I had done something to piss you off.

    Regarding the commission, I haven't decided if I still want the one I asked for the first time, and as of writing it is in the middle of the night so that'll have to wait.
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