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I liek Squirtles

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  • Yo, sorry for the late response; I had not noticed the notification and assumed that the battle would have been resumed in the forum rather than you sending me a visitor message. If you still are down with continuing the battle, I would be happy to.
    I went to twenty-two countries! Not sure I'll remember them off the top of my head, but my best attempt is Israel, Italy, UK, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada. And Hawaii, where I'd never been before, but which doesn't count towards my foreign country count. Top three were Japan, Costa Rica, and Israel; bottom three were Cambodia, Italy, and probably Denmark, though Peru had its moments, too.

    I knooowwww. It's like people's #1 request, to have them work for Camp NaNo, and it's a limitation of the Camp NaNo site and not one of my own that stops it from happening. I think I might just have to cave and put a thing on the web site where you can update your Camp NaNo word count and get a 'mon that will reflect that, but that's way less convenient than it just happening automatically and idk if people would want to use it.
    It was fantastic! Over just about a year ago.

    Unfortunately there is no word count API for Camp NaNo, so NaNoWriMon only work for the November challenge.
    Doing well! How about you?

    it really has been a while omgg, that's such a huge gap in time between our other vms
    In your RP, when you say "full movepool" do you mean the ASB move list or something else?
    Thank you for the sandygast! I'm super stoked to play with her, I love the design and she seems just perfect for weird arena/battle situations where sentient sandcaste steals your soul would only add to the wackiness.

    Also I sent you a gift, don't know if you missed it earlier. ^^;
    Awww, a love interest for Herbie! Combined with reffing my battle this is far too kind of you — I hope you enjoy your lumbering beast fish!
    No point fixing stuff in a mock battle; save your diligence for the real thing. ;)

    As far as ref test stuff goes, you're done.
    No worries. For what it's worth, I've found the energy costs in the db to be pretty reliable--and I'm working on (finally) getting together an official calculator, so you won't have to worry about errant button-presses if you decide to use it.
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