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I liek Squirtles

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  • Back when I actually made them I used Paint :v And you do it with IMG tags. If you go to the "edit your signature" thing and click the little square with the weird mountain-shape thing in, then put the url to whatever image you want in the box that pops up, then it puts that in your signature.

    Well, they're not actual vouchers, so they don't really have anything on them. But sure, if you like!
    No, they don't need approval until Gen V Pokémon get added to ASB and the vouchers actually become Pokémon.
    Yeah, you need to wait for someone to approve Pokémon you buy before they're actually yours.
    Thank you c: I made another one once, but much like the PMD one I got lazy, forgot where I was going with the story, and lost all the resources somehow.
    You might want to delete the post you just made in the Bank and edit the last one or you'll get a warning for a double post. Especially with mods on.
    You need to put a link to your bank account to register a team, there's no link. If you need help don't be afraid to ask.
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