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  • By the way, I have a better example of someone misspeaking more spectacularly! At mafia club we have two main kinds of detectives: the regular one and parity detective, which picks two people each night and finds out whether or not they have the same alignment. We also have a Halloween-themed version of detective called psychic. This week we were playing with the Halloween roles just because, and my mafia partner goes and says "I'm psychic, and I found out X person and Y person have different alignments."

    After that I suicided against the granny because there was no hope for us...
    No worries, it's not super obvious. You want to go to the front page of the db (asb.dragonflycave.com). Above the "News" section there should be a "Trainer Bulletin" section. Under Trainer Bulletin there should be a link saying you have a gift, and if you click that, you should be able to claim it.
    Just FYI, I sent you a gift. If you want it, please pick it up in the next week or so!
    Your messages are coming through, there's some weird setting that nobody can remember that ACTUALLY saves your sent messages.
    You're not getting roleblocked by technology, friend.
    Awesome, thanks! Unfortunately it's mostly on me, but we always need more referees! So trying out for one of those positions would be great. It's something that's a lot easier to do once you have some experience under your belt, though.

    Until then, just being active and making/accepting challenges is great! Unfortunately there aren't a lot of people around to battle now, but hopefully they'll start trickling back in.
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