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  • Just FYI, I sent you a gift. If you want it, please pick it up in the next week or so!
    Excellent! And I see Sandstone-Shadow vs Gzhoom is in the database as well, so I think everything's been taken care of.
    Thanks for the reminder about my battle. Has Zhorken given you your ref powers yet? (I... don't think there's any way to tell just by looking at the db.) If not, let me know so I can poke her about it.
    Awesome, thanks for picking it up! And good luck with your first battle :D You might've already run into this thread but if you run into questions, the question box can be pretty helpful!
    Hi Porygon2! I noticed you've been approved as a ref - congrats! I just offered to ref Gzhoom's battle if someone wants to challenge him, but now that I think about it, this was definitely overambitious of me. Are you interested in reffing that battle if I challenge him? No pressure if you're not interested, but I thought I'd see what you think.
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