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  • yes!! hype for both computer and interactions with my sand sib :D you'll be (hopefully haha) happy to hear that I started some more work on Revanna again!!! I keep starting and stopping but my god I am going to finish this thing! S-someday!
    sand sibling!!!! I miss you! I... am but I deleted both telegram and discord from my phone so I'm almost never on them anymore haha. it's probably for the best for not getting distracted at work... but! I'm working on building a new computer (still deciding on parts haha) which means it'll be easier for me to actually like want to use the computer in the evenings! :D
    Thank!! It’s been A Bit Of A Time but the people I told have all been super lovely about it!
    It is real and beautiful and I cried so much.

    Yeah!!! I figured out I’m nonbinary....like a month ago maybe....? This honestly explains every time I looked at a “my gender is an enigma” post and went “oh mood”
    VMs are super great and should be appreciated more!

    I’m doin okay! I beat kingdom hearts 3, wondered what I’m gonna do with my life now, and almost immediately my brain went “hello naughty flora it’s Gender Time” so the last month has been. Interesting.
    Also also, I told this to Eifie too, but if there are any particular memes you would like included in this battle, references (or some small amount of context) are 100% accepted and/or necessary bahahaha
    omg yes I was hoping sand sister would become a term <3 I shall get that posted tonight and yeah she can command second! :D

    I'm super excited for this battle and I hope I can ref it to a good standard of hilarity :D
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