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  • On the topic of your Snover, can I ask what its name means? Neige is pretty self-explanatory, but does Whisperling mean anything in particular?
    I don't think my poor Zigzagoon, apple of my eye, would stand much of a chance in regular gameplay, so I guess I know where his vote goes!
    hehe... casually hides all evidence of having drowned a helpless Growlithe in a river
    I stand corrected, then! Sorry for any misunderstanding I might have caused (but in the future, to be explicitly sure, you may want to consider tacking a "(except Chill)" onto the end of "direct healing" in your banned moves section.)
    did you ever try playing on Lunatic? I wanted the game to actually be challenging, but it's turned out to be basically impossible to beat without DLC :(
    oh yeah, Astra and also Sol I think? the annoying thing about grinding for Galeforce is by the time you get it, you're so over leveled that you no longer need it...
    If you're talking about your battle with VM, if you, he, and Jack are all okay with it (since you didn't know when you made the arena) I'd lean towards allowing them. Definitely check with them and/or bring the situation to a more experienced ref or the Question Box first, though.
    I haven't played for a while now so I kind of awkwardly can't remember... hmm which are the children. I kind of like Severa and Gerome and red hair Morgan because of their designs, but when they start talking I don't really like them anymore, haha.
    I think I did that on a later playthrough when I was trying to actually get good children? I meant to marry him to Sumia, but then I went and got her C-support with Chrom by accident and I'd already unlocked their S support so I had to marry her to Frederick instead. sad times.
    yoooo, I have played it several times! the first time I married him to Olivia because I had no idea what I was doing.
    Hi, this is about your question in your battle vs. VM: From what I've seen (take this with a grain of salt, since I'm not very experienced with ASB), chills generally count as direct recovery, though they're not flagged as such on the db.

    Other than that, welcome to ASB and the forum in general, I guess! I hope you have a good time here.
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