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Eta Carinae
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  • Wasn't sure if you noticed it'd been updated, so just thought I'd toss out a quick reminder abut this battle since things are nearly over.
    Your Hoothoot should be available in the Buy Pokémon tag. Let me know if it's there, and let me know if there didn't end up being like three of them there.
    oops, I forgot to say thanks for finishing off my battle with Meursault. I will hopefully get to your battle again later this week, things have just been really stressful lately.
    Same, I just discovered it a few weeks ago because my friend and I have a habit of binge-watching the anime during the winter break. He's finally abridging my favourite season! It's so exciting :D

    Is he also the modern-day incarnation of an Egyptian priest? Do his political views involve settling disputes with clashes of dragons?!
    Now I have to find a way to work in Thrift Shop (for people with money).
    Hey, I was looking over your battle vs Eifie, and I just noticed that it was mentioned in the first post that Sefer was supposed to have been excluded. If you want to go ahead and choose another send-out, I can let Eifie know and you can both re-order commands.
    Oh man, I have to apologize for all of the hax in that round... Best of luck in the rest of the battle!
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