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  • If you aren't familiar with it already, I think Kill Six Billion Demons is a webcomic you might enjoy. Ordinary barista has an incredibly powerful artifact shoved in her forehead and is flung into heaven, which she finds to be a corrupt, decaying place overrun by demons and consumed by violence. She sets out to learn how to use the power that was thrust upon her and rescue her boyfriend, who was carried off by marauding angels. Very colorful comic with loads of cool angel/demon/creature designs and cool/bizarre settings.
    yeah, Zhorken took care of it in case you weren't online before the tournament battles went up. and yeah! I'm so glad it's finally been wrapped up, thank you so much again!!

    (also, I can't see your avatar and it makes me sad. :C)
    :D thanks! don't rush yourself or anything. it would be great to have my Blaziken in time but perhaps Nando's edgy haircut would like to see the light of day one more time... :o
    Hi Byrus! I hope your recovery is going well!!

    I hate to bug you, but I was just wondering if you know when you might feel up to reffing again! :o Normally I would just keep waiting because I don't mind, but the remaining tournament battle has suddenly gotten to its last round, and I was counting on having my Blaziken and Altaria for the semifinals, haha. There should be only one more action after this pending round in my battle with Eta Carinae, so I was thinking if you're too busy (which is totally fine) I could bribe someone to speed ref it. Thanks so much for getting the battle up to this point!!
    Hey, at some point I need to know what Pokémon you want as your prize for the latest tournament round. No rush, though, just making sure you're aware. Hope your recovery is going (went?) well!
    Fascinating story time:

    I read one of your posts and then went into the kitchen and read the words "by us" written in handwriting and misread it as byrus.
    The Substitute will weigh a lot less than a Grumpig. Hmmm, the way Seismic Toss works, it doesn't allow Machop to get much of a bonus on throwing anything, since it weighs less than 50 kg. How about it'll still have 60 power, but only cost 3% energy? I think that sounds more reasonable for a target like a Substitute.
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