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  • He is not made of dirt! He is (was) a beautiful piglet with exquisitely-groomed fur. And he has feet. Dirt does not have feet.
    Do you... happen to remember why Wheelbarrow Dumpling is named Wheelbarrow Dumpling? I know you named him that while messing around with my squad's names a long time ago, but I have no idea where it came from...
    No worries, just letting you know it's there for whenever you have the time.
    I proposed some effects/descriptions for the missing USUM abilities in the social group, if you wanted to take a look.
    Assuming you're the one who did the name. It's a good name. Not just Cheep Cheep Royale, but Eifie's Cheep Cheep Royale.

    I don't want to bug you, but just a reminder about closing this? Now that the other battle involving my Larvesta has concluded, I'm really excited to get my Volcarona, omg.
    Sooo I also realized that these quest things will cause a problem with the database because they involve players fighting things that aren't other players (or players not using their actual teams). I was thinking the easiest thing to do would be to make some proxy trainers with active squads consisting of the pokémon you can fight in that quest (so one might have two charizard and two blaziken with the appropriate items). That would potentially end up bloating the trainer list, though, and also look pretty weird sitting alongside actual trainers, so idk, maybe allow there to be some "trainers" who have slightly different rules applied to them, like they don't show on the normal trainer list?

    Sorry to drop that on you without consulting about it first and potentially making more work for you; I should have brought the idea up before releasing it. I should ultimately be able to help with or just do myself db code modifications if desired, I just seem to continue to be bad with Pylons at the moment.
    So MWPuppire messed up when buying pokémon and made them all male and wanted some changed to female... It looks like there's no way to do that from the ASBdb gui? So maybe you'd need to do manual queries to edit the gender. Let me know if you're down for that or not.

    These are the pokémon it wanted changed to female:

    Shinx: Female
    Poochyena: Female
    Seedot: Female
    Taillow: Female
    Hey Zhorken, do you think we could wrap up this battle? iirc you did the calcs and Meursault won so it would be nice to give Rei the KO exp even though the last round was never posted, do you think you could do that?

    I wish I knew why I edited someone's status to "lol dinner time".
    Huh, wonder how that happened. I assume he wouldn't be reapplying if he was already approved! And thanks for getting all the updates in there; there were a lot more than I realized, heh. I'll work on descriptions for the undescribed things... were there already some proposals for e.g. Beast Boost? I'll have to look back at the social group...

    And awesome, thanks! I guess I won't need to pester you to distribute the ASB Mafia prizes, then, heh.
    It looks like he already is marked as a ref?

    And done, save for a few missing sprites! n.b. Beast Boost and Prism Armor aren't new, but they're new to the ASBdb, so they'll need descriptions too. Also I haven't filled in the new moves' energy costs.
    Would you mind promoting ILS to referee?

    Also, I'll write up some descriptions for the new USUM attacks/abilities shortly, so you can get those updates done when you're feeling like it...
    Hey, so, I put the metronome event battle through as a tie because I thought it would be silly for it to show up as a loss on anyone's record, but I'm not sure whether that fucked with the prize money, in particular. I'd called it $64 to Zero Moment and $32 to everyone else, though tbh I'm not sure if that's the best way to calculate prize money for the "losers," so if you could make sure those are the amounts dished out I'd appreciate it.
    Ah, gotcha! And no worries, I know what you mean about intended improvements and their tendency to fall by the wayside. *looks at own web site and cries a lot little*

    Thanks for handling the battle approval!
    When I closed this battle, the pokémon didn't get any experience, and I don't know if any money was given, either. When I closed the battle I selected the "loser was disqualified" option--was I supposed to do something different for a normal DQ battle?

    One way or another Nira's jangmo-o should get 2 EXP and Flora's mimikyu should get 1.
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