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  • Speaking of my poor, abandoned test battles, maybe you should close this in a draw?
    All I get is a blank white page with this message:

    "Down for maintenance

    If you're seeing this page, then the ASB Database is down for an update! (Probably. The only thing it means for sure is that it's down; if this page stays up for more than a few minutes, feel free to poke Zhorken and ask what's up with that.)"

    I tried hard-reloading just in case that page was just stuck in my cache for some reason, but no luck.
    So the ASB database seems to have been down for at least the past couple of hours... I just wanted to let you know in case it's not a planned outage. :)
    pls to be closing this battle in a draw, here are the KO counts

    edit: while you're at it, could you also close this (DB link), since Byrus forgot? I'm not sure if he'll be online again before Wednesday, and I want to use Nando for my tournament battle.
    Incidentally, Eifie just called in the last ASB Awards prize she was holding onto, so drop her a Rare Candy while you're at it.
    Hey Zhorken, would it be possible for me to get my tournament HA freebie (Prankster Sableye) before the next round starts this Wednesday? I don't want to be demanding, but I'd at least like to have that as an option for the battle.
    I can't really mess with the Priority field of a move in accordance to this (see "moves that force switches in the games"). Would you mind doing the honors?
    I was going to get myself something actually interesting, but then I realized that justice hasn't been done yet, so I went ahead and did it.
    I've seen, I just keep forgetting to go pick one, hahahah. I'm intending to make some time for it today, though.
    okay no problem! I was poking you decently in advance of me having to make that decision so you could take your time.
    yo yo, would you happen to have done (or be able to do) the calcs for that last round of Birbs and Barbs? I need the result to decide if I'm going to send Okuni out in another battle, heheh...
    Eifie's taken a rain check on one of the prizes and Dragon doesn't seem to be around to claim hers, but everything else is covered. I'll just leave a note on the relevant post at the ASB Awards thread, so go ahead.
    Whoops, didn't realize I was in charge of those as well. Do I just add the specified prizes money, or is there any sort of catch, like having to account for the standard victory money and whatnot?

    I'm glad you like the gift! And that'll definitely be highly appreciated, whenever it's doable.
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