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  • did you miss my VM about not being able to withdraw anything or did you just not think that was important enough to be added to the issue :'( poor Indyelle
    also, when trying to give a Pokémon an item, Pokémon that I've already wrapped up as gifts are included in the options.
    so, I cancelled my gift of my entire account to myself, and it put my active squad in my PC, and I can't withdraw anything. :(

    (because it gives me a 500 internal server error)
    try it when not logged in at all. it gives me an internal server error in incognito mode
    oh, I can give someone multiple gifts! excellent! if, say, I were to happen to give someone 100 gifts of $1, would they get an extremely annoying amount of notifications? (asking for a friend)

    (also, you spelled "exchange" wrong in the news title)
    The back button works now, thanks! But now it looks like I can't start a new trade for some reason - it gives me a 404 error, with the message "The resource could not be found. (Detail: /trade/new)" (Sorry to keep bothering you with this!)
    Hi! I was playing around a little with the trading system and noticed that trades can't be canceled? When I click the "Back" button from the "what do you want to gift" screen, it gives me a 500 Internal Server Error, and clicking the "Gifts" link in the menu bar takes me back to the "what do you want to gift" screen for the same trade. Sorry if this has already been reported or you already know about this!
    I am sad to inform you that Squirmy Wormy has been dropped from the team in favour of an HM slave :(
    >:( Plum Seed doesn't have a notes field. mods could make edge-case rulings about her, too!
    I wasted SO MUCH time evolving Squirmy Wormy, I thought he was going to evolve at level 18 and then 19 and then surely 20... He might actually have good stats now but I don't think I've actually used him since he evolved. I'm busy training Woogy Boogy.
    okay my Squirmy Wormy evolved into this gross one-eyed thing and now I don't like him anymore
    Hi Zhorken! I seem to have forgotten my password into the ASB database, and the "forgot password" email link doesn't seem to have worked (I never got an email). Is there some sort of standard procedure I should follow for this?

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