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  • If you can handle this one before Totodile closes it: Byrus never actually reffed for this battle, since a) he was switched to a different one and b) Totodile took over before the first round, anyway.

    Also, Byrus is now the ref for this battle, and took over before the first round, so you can just take Kratos off entirely.
    Could you mark me as an e-ref for this battle? It's finished, so we can get it wrapped up this way.
    Battles that need stuff done:

    Negrek/pathos vs Mawile (ref test battle, Mawile won by DQ)
    JackPK vs Ether's Bane (late bracket battle, JackPK won by DQ)
    re: EC vs GK, Skyman never actually got to ref a round, so his name shouldn't be there.
    Okay I remembered some things. Can you e-ref me on: this battle, this battle, and e-ref me and then Totodile (she's the current ref) on this battle

    god I can't keep track of all the battles I'm reffing, I keep feeling like I have to give DQ warnings or something and I go to the board and can't remember which battles are mine...
    heyy there! I don't really know who else to ask but I clicked the buy pokemon button too soon on solosis. he's supposed to be a Grandpappy (male) with Magic Guard. thank you so very much if you could help me out! (^w^)
    also: someone forked one of my github repositories??? lmao someone actually wanted to base their project off one of my barely-started, long-abandoned projects, I am quite flattered
    I had a list of things to ask you to take care of that I built up over the week, but hell if I remember what any of them were... maybe I should have admin powers to use exclusively Monday-Thursday excluding statutory holidays so we don't run into concurrency issues
    All powerful Zhorken, could you grant my Seadra the ability to evolve in the db? In my recently completed battle vs MF I used her as a Seadra even though technically she wasn't evolved before the beginning of the battle. She did have the experience, but because it was from a pre-asb-implosion battle, you had to manually put it in the system. By the time you had, the battle with MF had been created, so I couldn't evolve her in time.
    yo, it looks like Sangfroidish forgot to fill out the Pokémon that participated when closing Totodile vs Noctowl

    for your reference: "Prizes: $24 to Totodile, $15 to me. 2XP/happiness to Hunahpu, Wrath, Achilles and Robbie and 1EXP/happiness to Sonichu and Ceres."
    Thanks for that.

    Although I've already submitted my paycheck for approval (and I don't believe I qualify anyways, as I posted the reffing about ~3 hours after it would have been a week exactly since the last commands were posted), I just want to make sure I get this clarified:

    For the bonus pay from reffing within 1 week of the last commands posted, this is for every round, correct? And I should also make note of this whenever I submit a reffing to be paid, right?
    Sorry to bother you, but none of the exp or prize money from my tournament battle with Totodile was awarded in the db. Could you do something to fix this?
    Hi, Lilycolo and I are in a Battle Arena-type 2v2 battle, where the round limit is raised to 5 and the winner of each bout is just determined by health + energy. The KO experience is determined by whoever wins each bout, like in the normal Battle Arena, but since this battle has an even number of rounds we weren't sure how to figure out the winner of the battle. Since you talked about not having weird experience-giving arenas, I wanted to check with you whether the solution she proposed here (with a draw if there's a total tie) would be alright?

    edit: Also, The Omskivar bought my Moon Stone for $10 a while back but it never got moved, and he says he's still interested in it, so if you could move it that would be great.
    It doesn't make a difference when we were sending out in secret, and we could hardly give our Pokémon their items beforehand because that would give away their identities and that would ruin the whole point.
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