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  • I'm too incompetent to keep posting horrible job advice in public but it may be helpful to email said correspondence person in a business-y way and remind them of who you are if they may have forgotten and thank them for their time previously or whatever and mention that you're going to apply or something (ask someone who knows what the fuck they're talking about what would be the best way to do this)
    do you mean "sleep"? I guess the conversation is several pages back now, but there was this tournament battle where a Pokémon basically slept the entire time.
    Could you fix some refs? TruetoCheese and JackPK.

    edit: Also, apparently I forgot to filter out battles that ended before anything happened from battles reffed, and now I have these three hideous Keldeo vs Zekrom_B0lt's in a row on my page...
    I don't mean to press (especially as long as you're embroiled with the brogrammers), but I'm still wondering about my Rare Candy question. If that's not allowed, that's totally cool, but I would like to know either way. Thanks!
    (speaking of, if you read the relevant conversation I linked, weren't you the one who raged at me about how sleep in that tournament battle was handled or am I just totally making memories up now)
    Hi, this definitely isn't pressing, but if you have the time, could you rename this monstrosity (Luvdisc fight) into... whatever you think is fitting, I guess, so it doesn't stretch every battle page that has it? Thanks!
    Hm, took me a while to think about how to apply this free Hidden Ability pokémon. So let's go with something interesting and unique - can I have a male Moody Snorunt, please?
    :O cool! but, why does it take 4 exp to evolve Skiploom to Jumpluff when it's only 9 levels in the games?
    Heyo, when it's possible for you to do it, could you close ozzi vs Zexion? ozzi got DQed out, and Sangfroidish is the main ref (considering I only e-reffed one round, I'm not sure how things would work here).
    DQ warning for your battle against Totodile. Let me know if you need more time. (It's also your turn to command in our battle)
    Back when the league restarted I got a Rare Candy in exchange for a fakemon that had an experience point. Without much thought, I decided to use it on my Shellos. Nothing against my dear friend Knossos, but I realized quite quickly that giving it to a Pokemon without any experience to start with was a bit of a waste. I'm wondering, assuming it's not too much to ask, if you could take off Knossos's experience and happiness and give it to my Buneary instead. Romero Diazi's current experience and happiness totals are the same as when I received that Rare Candy, so it would be as if I merely gave it to him instead of Knossos.

    This is just a silly mistake of mine that's been bothering me (more than it rightly should) for months now. If you could do this for me I'd be very, very relieved.
    how would you feel about using your magical asbdb powers to fix a heart-wrenching mistake of mine.
    I was apparently wrongly under the impression that giving a Pokémon a non-zero KO count without marking it as having participated would still give it the exp, since I'd tried something similar on my local, so Zipper needs an extra exp and happiness from this monstrosity.
    So, this match's been closed, but, as per recent VMs between me and Eifie, it seems that Shih-Na and Lady Ouroboros should most likely be getting an additional EXP point each. So, if you wouldn't mind messing around with that... And while I'm at it, I have a Defiant Piplup claimed that needs to go on my squad. Sorry to bother!
    Could you mark me as an e-ref for this battle? It's also your turn to command there, but no rush.
    yooo can you please close Knuddeluff's ref test battle when you get a chance? It's taking up one of TTC's battle slots (I think) and the ref hasn't been around since May and I probably should have taken care of this in July
    looks like Byrus forgot to input Dazel's Pokémon when closing this battle; he put a full list of KOs or something at the end of the battle thread, so I guess you can just use that for reference.
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