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  • also only just realized i never answered your message from a year+ ago! (college is going alright! hope you're doing well dude!)
    Hey, do you mind if I take back the ILS vs Blastoise battle that you picked up from me ages ago?
    similar deal! ai/machine learning, probably. i applied everywhere as a neuroscience/cs major but then switched to computational neuroscience (and then again to comp bio because the consortium i'm in as a better comp bio program)
    oh i'm a college freshman now

    oh nice! my break runs through next week ... so ... close ...

    ugh, i just don't think about that tbh
    it is me!!! and thanks, aw. honestly same to you

    and relatively speaking yeah! ultra stressed because midterm season, but aside from that, things could be way worse.

    I'm gonna need some more time on this - I have a post in the absence thread with some more details, but I've been busy with starting a new job and moving. I'll try to get something in soon but it's not my top priority right now hehe :)
    I was going to link to a picture of Effie with the cake spoon in case you don't play FEH, but I couldn't find one :(
    Ack, thanks. I might need some more time - sande and I are gonna coordinate, and today and tomorrow I've got a bunch of appointments. Can I ask for a couple days' extension, just in case?
    Hey Superbird, are you still up for reffing this battle? I don't think any of us remembers what was going on, but it was probably just a couple of rounds from ending so we were thinking of finishing it up!
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