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  • i've been doing really well actually. about to graduate high school, so there's a lot going on in my life right now. in a good way though!

    how've you been? well i hope.
    it seems kinda up my alley, so i'm really looking forward to it! my favorite class so far has been AP Art History by far haha.
    yeah but see you're pretty obviously 150% as intelligent as me :P i'm about to get a B in BC so it's a little upsetting. i think i have 5 APs next year iirc

    i'm working on that but also the procrastinator in me woN'T LET ME

    AP Gov is like, ridiculously easy. i took it to have an easy class, basically. hopefully that's how AP Psych turns out for me next year.
    yeah, i just got hit in the face with "wow it's been so long"

    the adjustment process more involved my inability to respect deadlines, like at all. i'm basically all honors and then i took 3 APs this year (AP Calc AB/BC and AP Government). idk i thought i did terribly in all three but i'm in the top 5% so idk anymore tbh

    /accidental humblebrag
    yeahh i saw your age as 18 and was all "whoa man".

    i've been wanting to get fates and never did :( hopefully sometime soonish.

    idk i've been mostly okay, though my dad is being wild recently hahah. i'm actually in public school now so that's an adventure! (the former, just finishing up junior year. next week is my last full week of school.)
    hey! how've you been?

    (oh man. i opened this and see "starts to get annoying by junior year" and now *i'm* a junior. what a blast from the past.)
    Hey just wondering, you think we should call that tag team battle a draw? I don't know if LotF will ever show up, and even if he does, that battle is never going to gain any traction. Not that you have to if you want to hold out a little longer, but I sincerely doubt it will ever reach a regular conclusion.
    Hi Superbird! Thanks for wrapping up that tournament battle. I was just wondering if you remembered about the now-three-way battle in the acid rain arena — no pressure or anything, I just wanted to make sure you didn't forget since I think you have in fact been reffing your other battles? idk.
    hi! I just wanted to ask a thing about my battle with Birdcrest before I command - does Edelweiss still have her Cotton Guard defense boost? :o
    Hey, I wanted to ask about your rationale for having the Substitute trapped by Infestation (in my tournament battle). It's pretty difficult to restrain a Substitute's movement completely by accident, and even if Infestation was actually commanded that way a swarm of insects is hardly going to be an impediment to a Substitute as it's made of like elasticy goop (and not flesh) and doesn't feel pain, anyway. Regardless of how much flavour sense it might make, Substitutes just aren't affected by secondary effects even in ASB. Is there a reason why you went against that?
    Hey, thank you for the Ditto! (And sorry for being so late on the thank you note; things got a bit hectic for me) If there's anything you'd like in return, just let me know.
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