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  • I read in your profile your a fan of birds. Birds are awesome :D Do you do bird watching at all?

    I personally like swans a lot^^ so pretty..
    heh, thanks re: command string. originally i was like, 'wow! superbird didn't grab a whole lot of sneaky moves with these picks, this should be really straightforward!' and then i ended up spending a good two hours on it.
    Hi, I won't have very much time to ref for the next couple days, so if you and Byrus don't want to wait until the weekend for a reffing in your tournament battle I'd recommend setting up an e-ref with Eifie. Apologies for the delay.
    Thanks for wrapping up that tournament match so quickly! I really appreciate it.
    I mean, I'm not in a hurry or anything, it's just really hard to notice if you don't check directly in the thread so I figured you'd like to know.
    hahahaha, yeah, you never know how much people need it, but it's so easy to leave some encouraging words here and there, so I try to do it as often as possible, glad it helped.

    I'm entering uni in two weeks so I'm in the same boat. Believe me, though, college is p. awesome. Since you usually take courses you actually like, and not ones you're forced to take, you'll have a lot more in common with your classmates, and that usually brings up fascinating discussions in class. College literally made me want to stay in school forever.
    Hey man, wish you luck on your first college day. Not that you should need any, college is a lot more chill than they make it. In any case, don't worry about it and enjoy it as much as possible, it really is fun times.
    I am resigned to being named after a Pokémon nearly three times my weight
    I will never stop being amused at how often you misspell your own Galvantula's name
    That'd be great. I'll see if Zhorken can send you the commands and what she's done for this round so far.
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