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Lord of the Fireflies

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  • Yo, I know you haven't been online in a couple months so there's no hurry, but if/when you do come back, it's your turn to command vs. Lilycolo, and I've issued a courtesy DQ warning. I won't actually close the battle for probably at least another couple of months, though, so I hope you'll come online in the meantime.
    Hi! Just wanted to remind you that you and VM still need to command for your double battle!
    I suppose if he wants it, he is free to steal it on his own! The ultimate test.
    Hmm... do you think your Little Thief wants to evolve? I've been trying to decide for a while if I should give him my Rare Candy. He won't be nearly as cute or stealthy if he does evolve, though. :C
    well, may the random number gods smile upon thee! i'm rooting for you. fwiw, my mental bracket has you, keldeo, md, and eifie making the semis :P
    no but seriously i would have killed, figuratively, for an easy battle. i'm still slightly bitter that i lost during the only round with no consolation prize. :'(
    yeah pretty much I'm swamped for a while @_@ thank you so much for your patience, I'll get a look at it in the next couple of days (I hope)
    I did? I can't find any mention of Solar Beam's power being reduced in ze notes. Just mentions of Psychic doing no damage.
    I may have possibly miscounted yet again.

    120 is the base power, cut to 60 by rain:

    60 * 2 (W/R) + 2 (Truant) = 14%

    Eifie informed me that Solar Beam's BP is halved in rain.
    I miscalculated the Solar Beam damage, it's actually 15% under rain conditions (where it's base power is cut in half by rain). Yeaaaah, I didn't do the W/R properly the first time, you can edit your post to recommand if you want.

    EDIT: Aaaaand in your battle against VM I didn't account for Eviolite, so a total of 4% damage was shaved off Calicifer's wick. Though you're Knocking Off anyway, so that shouldn't matter, right?
    Goddamn LotF I love reading your Bone Garden writing.

    There's a euphemism in there but I don't feel like digging it out.
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