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Lord of the Fireflies

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  • Oh man, I'd like to offer a formal apology for all the hax these past two rounds. :(
    I had some time before I went to work this morning, so I managed to get it done then! :D
    Sorry the next reffing for the Pumpkabrawl is taking longer than usual! I'm always so tired when I get home from work these days. :C It may not be done until the weekend.
    Disco Bandit for sure. But if you stick with the game long enough you'll have the chance to play each class. I'd start out with the Accordion Thief, Moxie classes have a generally easier time
    Yeah, it does seem very small. The chances add up after a bit, I guess. If it seems to work out well for you despite the stats I may change the "official" scale to that in the future.
    Hi LotF! I just noticed your sleep scale in Eta Carinae vs Murkrow, and it looks like you're having the chances of awakening go up by 10% each action, more if the Pokémon is damaged? I know the 5% on the "official" scale looks like very little, and I originally wanted it to be 10% as well, but after doing The Stats on that scale, it turned out that the average number of turns a Pokémon would stay asleep if not being damaged at all was around 3.66, which is a little low given that the opponent's being conservative. I'm not going to ask you to change it, since maybe it could just work better in practice, but I just wanted to let you know so you could keep an eye out in case Pokémon are waking up too quickly under it. :O
    You ought to try the game! It's full of ridiculoys humor like that, and it's chock full of ASB arena ideas
    Hey! Just wondering: in me vs The Omskivar, would you have Bonemerang still hit Perry if he used Magnet Rise?
    Hi, I notice you have an open battle slot and a Pumpkaboo! Would you be interested in having a Pumpkaboo battle with me? :o
    for all they know, she is a friend, a brother of the swarm :O we shall see
    niiiiiiice. first of his name!

    yeah, I'm sad I didn't get to think of more cool things to do. if you wanted to try it again in the future I'd probably be up to ref, if you need one! (not right this moment because I was reffing six battles before I closed that one, and I should maybe dial back a tiny bit.)
    Eagerly refreshing to watch Shinrin evolve :D (did you rename all your Pokémon to match Ninjaspirit Tom?!)
    the sadness when you realize that nothing interesting ever happens on IRC...
    That's totally fine with me. I'll keep the offer open if you ever change your mind! c:
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