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Lord of the Fireflies

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  • I knew I could always trust someone when offering them money and experience ;-;

    EDIT: And a sweet ass first class ticket on the sweetest ass train ever. Of course we'll have to find first class by trawling through the carriages.
    hey bruh I heard you like battles. There's this like really rad train tag battle that needs dudes. There's pizza at the end. I heard you like pizza.
    hello :D and yes I am!

    how do trades work, do we just post and wait for someone to move the Pokémon?
    but i'd get to use a fully evolved pokemon and not feel regret because there's no exp involved.

    i'm in
    Sorry for spamming your VMs with Telekinesis hate ._.

    It's just I never liked the whole random-ass power spike Psychic just seems to have in ASB. And while some cases of that can be fine, because refs usually have those overcosted or underdamaged, Telekinesis just does all that but better.
    To be fair, Fire Spin and Whirlpool also do damage, but those can also miss and don't cut various movepools in half. And even though Telekinesis can't be used during a Taunt, Taunt has diminishing (or often failing) returns, and a Telekinesis doesn't...Though it does work, I'll grant it that.

    Basically a Telekinesis at some point in a battle can easily deny the enemy's whole command string, make them vulnerable to everything barring OHKO moves, and it can't miss. And then it stays there and more or less can't be removed.
    The thing is, unlike Whirlpool or Fire Spin, Telekinesis doesn't provide some window of opportunity to escape it. Fire Spin is a cage of fire, you could hose it down with water, cloak yourself in dirt and run out, even dig if the arena allows it. Whirlpool requires the opponent to be in or near a body of water to even use it. Telekinesis just slaps on "can't move" and is done with it. Well, it's a bit hard to escape without moving, first off. And anything dealing with Psychics are more often than not mentally related, so thinking about escaping in the first place is much too subjective before the orders have even hit the field, not to mention fuzzy considering it's something we don't clearly see and can't clearly manipulate. Whereas the other moves provide some sort of physical prison to escape, allowing one to manipulate it or the environment to its favour. To be frank, I don't even know where the whole "target can't use contact moves" came from, it's not mentioned in the database and that's certainly not how it works in game.
    Ah, I don't really like to ref Telekinesis like that because it is absurdly powerful then. I'd let it slide for some attacks but not all, and especially since Metang is part psychic. Though I could lower the damage of the Meteor Mashes somewhat to compensate? If that's not cool I can ask for a second opinion in the question box.
    Damnit man I spent two minutes figuring out how grows and evolves fit into your command string.

    Then it hit me. Goddamnit I've been around Stu too long.
    I appreciate the offer, but I did pretty much swear I was going to make this work as-is, so.
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