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Lord of the Fireflies

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  • oh man, best game ever.

    So the honors college was hosting a game night-type thing for all its students and so I go and sit down at the Apples to Apples table. And eventually I comment on how I can't take it seriously since I've played cards against humanity. So someone says that they should order it on amazon like immediately, and I offer to swing back to my dorm and fetch my copy, which I do. And so it was. That game was hella fun and the people I played with are, I think, going to be lasting friends.
    I am writing! I'm kind of procrastinating because a lot is happening this round (!!) but hopefully I will post it before I go to bed.

    Also, sometime in the past few days I was looking at one of your reffings or something and was kind of impressed with some turn of speech you used since I remembered that English isn't actually your first language, but I forgot what it was. Alas.

    (after a bit of casual stalking: vivez-vous au Montréal? :OO)
    That sounds like good news. Overall I'm trying to look at it optimistically - and worst case scenario, I have the great fortune of having my parents an hour's walk away if I really need them.

    Thanks for the encouragement!
    Thank you so much! You don't know how much it means to me that you took time to say so! Or maybe you do, but thank you anyway.

    I'm kind of anxious, but only out of fear of the unknown. At this point I'm just along for the ride, and at the same time I'm curious where it'll take me. I'm sure everything will work itself out eventually!
    and you shall be rewarded, and I won't have to think of new creatures straight away! a win for everybody
    Oh yeah definitely! I mentioned in an absence sheet post a while ago that e-refs are okay with me. Though I probably should have messaged you guys as well.
    it is probably the worst idea I have ever had, but I can't wait to do it. omg.

    awww man, you could ask for a DQ, but that one's so close to being done. it'd be so sad. :C
    Haha, I was literally inspecting the very same thing just now. It doesn't sound like it, so I guess the tournament battles have been doing it wrong. (It's MF's fault.) I think the Frisk Pokémon already has to be on the field when something is sent out for the ability to activate.
    Oh, thanks. I do try to keep a reputation of reffing consistently within a week - it's why I never take very many battles at once, to ensure that I can actually hold myself up to that.
    Haha, yeah, I planned to play it safe for the first couple of rounds and then do more ridiculous things as the battle goes on. :D Thank you, I'm flattered!
    Sure, I'll mention anything if I notice it, but honestly as of yet I wouldn't even have guessed!
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