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  • hey old friend, are you doing ok? it’s been well over a decade but i wanted to check in
    hey! we didnt talk much in the earlier days of tcodf but was surprised/hype to see you back and felt like letting you know! hope all is well :^)
    Hey there! Sorry to see you have to go on hiatus; hope everything's alright.

    Since you may not be back for awhile, I was wondering what you wanted me to do with your battle vs. TruetoCheese that I'm reffing. I'm happy leaving it open until both of y'all can return if the two of you are; but if either or both of you would like it closed, I can go ahead and do that, instead. Just let me know :)
    hahaha I guess that's true...

    Would you consider giving out a last DQ warning (something along the lines of a few days just to be sure) because at the same time I really want them to make it back to finish this but also all of their other battles are closing / have been closed and it's just using one of my spots at the moment...

    Do you think Meursault will ever make it back? Because for now three of my battles are practically inactive, two of them because TruetoCheese has so much on his hands right now and the other is against Meursault.

    I really didn't mind waiting for them to come back but it's been over a month now I think?
    Hmm, alright... re: Kratos I guess I'll ask Eifie about whether there's any special procedures for getting a tournament e-ref/if we should keep waiting or something, and go from there. n_n"
    Hi, sorry to bother you about a reffing quibble, but in I liek Squirtles vs. Eta Carinae, no matter how much Freela delayed her Confuse Ray I don't think it would be able to hit after when Plattitude's Safeguard faded. If I understand it correctly, screens usually fade at the end of an action ("between", for lack of a better word?) when no attacks other than Future Sight and Nightmare/the like can hit - so her delay would have ended up with her not doing anything at all.

    Apologies if this isn't the right place to put this, or if I'm mistaken; I just wanted to let you know in case it ends up mattering.

    (edit: Also, Kratos Aurion hasn't been online for around a week now, so would you like to ask for an e-ref for our tournament battle or wait a little longer for them?)
    Yoo I can't remember whether I gave you your Rare Candy yet. You've got a Rare Candy in your bag; would that be the one or did you already have that before?
    Thank you for the Absol, and please don't worry about the lack of pun! n_n"
    psst, pathos, Monferno doesn't get drain punch (that move's distribution is really weird)
    yyyyeah if you don't mind i'd like that. it said in the challenge rules that picking STAB SE was frowned upon and i figured you would go along with that since i had in the first bout, particularly since you're in the lead right now. idk if it's a huge pain to recommand for you right now i guess i can deal but i really wasn't expecting you to pick such a blatantly one-sided affair, haha.
    Oh, no worries! You've been more than helpful, so many, many thanks! :D I'll just keep on doodling until the cows come home. :3
    The current one I have is a Wacom Bamboo but it is like, ancient. :'D I think I picked it up for £30 when it was on sale, but this was so, SO many years ago now. I still use it, and it still works fine, but idk, I guess I wouldn't know how it compares to other tablets! I will have to look into your recommendation! :O Tbh I kind of need a new computer, because my laptop is about to die, before I think about picking up new gear for it. :(
    A really, REALLY old one! It's the type which is basically like a laptop tracker pad with a pen. It does pressure sensitivity, but it's not a screen within itself! :o I should honestly consider upgrading but, I quite honestly lack the funding. :(
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