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  • I started revising in January before my exams, stopped for several months, then started again in earnest around the beginning of April. I would recommend not stopping for several months, though, in the end I was revising twelve hours a day (mostly maths. oh, god, maths.)

    I went to an excellent school with excellent teachers, so I didn't need to do much independent study, but if you do, I suggest getting copies of the syllabuses for your subjects. The science ones in particular are very useful. Also, do lots of past papers, even before teachers start giving them to you - they're easy to find online.

    I did English A1, Biology, Chemistry, and Maths at HL and Geography and German ab initio at SL. I got 7s in everything but a 6 in English and BB in EE/ToK for 43 points. I'm studying biology. What subjects are you doing?

    edit: oh, and my Cambridge offer was 41 with 7s in biology/chemistry/maths.
    Uhmmm if it doesn't let you in get a new account or send the password to another email? :[
    Don't you have msn?! God! You're so annoying! And how did you find my tumblr? I purposely made it difficult to find. I did post a whivit recently? Hm!

    Stuff is up! I don't know! Private stuff I don't like talking about on public places! You?
    I wanna get a kiddy pool, put some water in it, drag it out into the street, then randomly jump out dressed out as narwhal whenever a car comes by.
    DEXTER! :D awesomeeee. (Also I just recently saw Mysterious Skin by recommendation of opal and still haven't gotten over it. God, so depressing!)

    Mm... life's been okaaay. Baw. Why don't you ever go on msn?! I don't like discussing life things on public places, ahaha.
    DUDE our porch has 4 fucking feet of snow on it in like a neat little hill. i kinda wanted to sick a grenade in the bottom of it :3
    WAIT i think i figured it out

    i am pretty sure i was pointing something out with your name.
    SEWWWWW ; ; I miss youuuu. I'm surprised you can recognize my style! I don't even recognize my style! Hah. :D hiiiii~
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