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  • hey! crazy seeing you around again, hope you're doing well man
    I'm about as pokemon obsessed as they come still. Hello from me too.....I walked around my town, pretending flowers were pokemon. True story. I'm nutty xD Feel free to be my friend too haha i actually do know how to talk about other stuff too....kiiiinda......
    Flowers can be interesting to talk about... :P Yeah i duno i'll think of something. Autism isn't always easy.
    hey thanks @mewtini , good to see you too, hope you're stayin ok

    @LadyJirachu what's up, i'm considerably nutty myself but i blame that on all the peanut butter i eat llmao, im always down for new friends
    its of the character in my profile pic, but i forget how to upload shit to this website
    dude i keep dying and reappearing here sorry

    not up to much, i ended up becoming a huge furry and i travel for cons now, made my own fursuit etc, work at fedex, can legally drink now, you know, normal stuff
    Hey! Yeah, I still hang around every once in a while. A lot less activity now, but that makes it easier to keep up with it haha. I'm doing alright, looking for a job! How about you?
    Your last activity was a day before my birthday this year... hope you make it back. Miss my old friends.
    Kinda, yeah. Seems to happen to most places eventually (rip Psypoke and its superior pokedex).
    Dunno about nice :D Thanks to that, we're forced to learn Swedish at school and at least to me, it's one of the ugliest languages I've ever been forced to listen to. :P

    Yeah people play here as well, at least in the bigger cities. Pokemon is universal :B
    I'm from Finland! We have a lot of chill nature-y places to visit but no mountains because the damn ice age just scraped them all away. I may be a bit biased but I do think this is one of the best places to live in despite the high taxes and whatnot (our forests are the best forests!). The people here aren't as cold as many assume, we just don't really care for small talk that much :P
    I would play if I had a phone that could run it but I've been blessed with a Windows Phone (don't get me wrong, I like using it for the most part but... honestly nobody ever develops anything for something that's not iOS or Android)
    Walrein has the best beard ! Looks like a pretty solid team :B

    Also I hatched my first ever 6IV shiny yesterday! Did the swap method and some further manipulation by rejecting some eggs and checking if there was a better shiny to be found at a later egg and there was! Now I have a cool lil' 6IV mixed attacker Rowlet to train! Shit's neat, yo :O
    Don't worry! They won't be sitting in a box, they'll be hard at work at the Poke Gulag Pelago! :'D
    If you ever need a Sandygast for breeding, I got 'em in a Heavy Ball! It looks really good with the shiny colours :O

    You could just build two top fav teams instead of forcing yourself to pick just 6 pokemon, you know :D
    I did actually get my shiny blue 'Ruff! I also managed to do my first magical swap exploit shiny yesterday, soft-resetted over a shiny Togepi, changed the parent 'mon and turned it into a cool black Sandygast instead. That shit's magical, I tell you :O

    Cute Gusma+Wimpod/Golisopod stuff gives me life thank you

    Ooh! Good luck with your bootcampy adventures! :P
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