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  • Eelektross is great! I also love Eelektrik's animations because the way it curls up looks super cute. :P

    Yeah I'm having a hard time finding things to do while waiting. Though I'm currently planning on starting my journey into the magical land of fancy art dolls (posable ones with head/extremities made of sculpey and faux fur bodies); been buying supplies and figuring out how stuff works. I'll probably post pictures if I manage to do what I'm trying to :D
    That might be a good strategy :D You'll just have to tread carefully since the internet will be full of ending spoilers and whatnot by then!

    Dunno, could've been an oversight or some sort of convoluted ploy to keep some super secret mons secret while letting us see the rest (my money's on the former). Guess we'll know in a month :O
    Faces are overrated anyway :D Super abstract monsters are something I never though Pokemon of all franchises would end up having, but there they are.

    Gotta disagree with you on the dex thing! I had a hard time trying to pick out a team of just six but still managed somehow. Sure, it would've been cool to have even more but I have a feeling the games'll be good enough even without 100+ new 'mons. :P

    Well, at least you have the option to get the games on the 18th! I gotta wait a full 5 days because fuck us Europeans, right? The only upside to this is that I'll know all the version exclusives and can finally decide whether I'm picking Sun or Moon :U
    Your teams get my official Seel of approval because Scrafty and Barbaracle (and Toxicroak and Lickilicky and and). You really like 'em dragons too, eh? I'm glad Alolan Exeggutor can join its draconic brethren soon. :D

    shit I wanna catch Guzma !! Also I love the pale green drop-shaped weirdo UB and the pointy white/yellow/orange one. Precious monster friends *u*
    I didn't have to wait very long to see Alolan Muk's shiny, lol. Bless them dataminers. :D

    I actually really like Rowlet's evo, since the hood thing is pretty cool! Don't want to pick the same starter as my sister so I'll be going with Popplio now :P

    Yeah lemme see! Favourite pokes tell a lot about people :B
    Oh yeah I can not wait to see what a shiny party Muk will look like :'D pls gamefreak gimme bright colours

    Picking favourites has always been hard because there are just too many good ones. Trying to pick an in-game team this gen is even harder (though I'm definitely getting TURBO TURTLE TURTONATOR and BEST HORSE). I'm still holding out hope that Litten has a split evo because I really, really want to give the lil' fire kitty a chance. If it doesn't, though, I'll be perfecly content with super fab Popplio :P
    I hope all the Alolan forms have cool shinies because I'm going to breed so damn many. Really cool to get a Raticate that's actually usable in battle (at least I'm assuming it will be) :P
    Haha, I actually like its grumpy eyes. To each their own, I guess!

    Do you have a favourite Alola form yet? I can't seem to get over how ridiculously hilarious Alolan Exeggutor is :D
    Haha yeah the sandcastle is cool. Love the shovel radar :D
    I'm gonna have to use Mudsdale because damn that's a real fine horse :O
    Only a few months left! I've been riding the hype train and the games just seem to get better every time something new is revealed. :D

    Have you already chosen which version you'll get? I'm going with Sun because it's become kind of a tradition for me to pick the title that's red or closer to it and my sister gets the other :P
    Ooh, sounds cool! Never been much of a military person myself (waking up early in the morning is not one of my favourite things to do) but my older sister did join the military :P

    Enjoy your free time while it lasts! :D
    Pretty okay, I guess! I'm currently unemployed and living at my sister's place, so things have been pretty chill. Our gaming PC's hard drive went kaput but thankfully the warranty was still active, so things are back to normal on that front :P

    How's life been treating you?
    Not really, since Messenger went down and my Skype's also stopped working and I haven't managed to figure out what's wrong with it :Y
    We finished a neutral run, a pacifist run and a kill-everyone neutral run (because we didn't look up how genocide works), and started a true genocide run but didn't manage to get past Undyne the Undying before I had to leave. I'm going to play through it with Shadey and elyvorg soon, though.
    I checked and yeah, there seems to be a demo so I'll probably check it out some time next week P:
    I should probably try it out when I get the chance then (there is a free demo, right? at least I remember someone mentioning that)!
    I actually don't even have it! I've kind of been busy with other games (finished Virtue's Last Reward a bit ago and I'm currently playing through the AAI2 fan translation) :O
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