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  • Woo~ Despite being in sixth, though, I still can't do that vibrato thing properly OTL

    Ah, that two people doesn't include me. Doesn't seem like many people live in Canada, though, either.
    What grade are you? I'm about grade six.
    Everyone I know (or have bothered to ask) in band plays flute. And nearly everyone I know plays piano. I can only think of 2 people off the top of my head who don't play.
    Ah, so you play too? I can hardly find any people who play violin these days; it's all piano and flute xD
    No, slow and easy is bad because half the Pokemon in this region will be able to outrun it. Including a rather large amount of water-types. With Swift Swim.

    Oh god the water starter must be awesome or I am screwed.
    Since in my region, there's going to be a lot of sunshine, he's actually the best choice. Of course he's very slow.

    I'm not sure if having so much sun is a good thing. I mean, the large amount of water types in the region would see no use, moonlight would never come into play, and Billy wouldn't be able to give the kiddies ice cream (and kill himself afterwards).
    I like bell peppers, though. They taste pretty nice.

    By the way, if you had a choice, would you pick Embeluga or Leafmur?
    You have a signature? I've never seen it. Link plz?

    PMFO's not my site. I'm an admin on it, along with a guy named Quate and Seika (who visits this site under the name Medical Meccanica). It's essentially a big three-way sprite war with three factions. I think you might like it.

    I'm so glad that I've made Oreos into nightmare fuel. I doubt you could make jalapenos into nightmare fuel!
    Oreos can turn into nightmare fuel. For example:

    Look at this poor white cream, trapped between two black discs of iron. If you attempt to open it, you will split the cream in half, splitting the cream in half. Tortured, split in two, but not bleeding...

    Also, do you have a DeviantArt account?
    But they have a similar concept: a cute little pink Pokemon forced onto the body of a terrifiying rock-hard beast against their will.

    If you think about it too much, it becomes nightmare fuel.
    (You realize you're supposed to respond to VMs by posting on the other guy's profile, right?)

    Hi. That Marshtomp is totally awesome.
    Maybe I should post sprites here.

    Or... post art.

    Or... wait for people to come and talk to me.

    Or.... hate on me.

    Or.... not do anything except snicker to themselves about how I seem to be talking to myself.

    Or.... meh, I'll just leave.
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