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Karkat Vantas
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  • Yeah, I have a couple of Superions. I like to use Palladium Myrs to summon them. It's a mono-white deck, but Myrsmith is the only white creature. I've got some Dispatches and Tempered Steels, but other than those three everything is colorless and pretty much myr-fueled. >:3
    I actually kind of would mind, as my Mareep is about to evolve :/ Thanks for the offer though!

    ((If you want to get me something else, I'd actually prefer if it didn't have any experience anyway))
    Meh, knowing my luck, you would probably not really show up until a DQ happened.
    They are! I want to get a couple more of them, actually... the Myrsmiths I mean. My deck still needs a little work. Maybe a boardwipe or two, other ways to take out creatures without throwing my own around before they're ready...
    Myr Battlesphere has to be the most broken thing ever though
    You're all inactive now and I can get that, but, try not to get DQ'd in our match, mkay? You're at like 1% of the last Pokémon.
    Heeey, The Proclaimers are awesome and this is nothing to be embarrassed about.

    If you want something embarassing, how about this - for the longest time, I didn't realise they were twins, I just thought it was one guy appearing in their music videos a lot.
    Yes! Especially after going back through the conversation log here.

    Although I must admit that my interest in mafia, the slow forum version in particular, has since waned.
    So, are you planning on giving Kong back?

    Also, I got myself an awesome new team member. Although he was already here technically.
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