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  • Uh, hi! It's been years since I've been here, but I just spent some time reminiscing and thought I'd poke you in case you ever came around again. Hope you're doing well!
    Pahaha, the Dean and his costumes! I got so excited when I cottoned on to the fact that Magnitude was Ben from Tracy Beaker. There is apparently no end to Community's delights. I caved and got the first series on DVD so I can *encourage* my sister to watch it over summer, haha. Just had a peek at iPlayer and they've got some random S2 Parks & Rec, so I might have to have a look at it later. Also YAY great female leads. Have you seen any Once Upon a Time? It's like real-life Disney/fairy tale crack fiction and it's kind of surprisingly good, and like 70% of the current characters are just badass sword-wielding ladies and I love it.

    How hilariously unfortunate was that BBC America leak?? I'm surprised the spoilers have been kept under wraps. I'm assuming there was some kind of space-time kidnap plan to transport all DVD holders off the map until Saturday.

    Uni year two was waaay better than year one. I'm in a house with some uni people and some friends from home (which is nice) and I've also been doing lots of YouTubey events and meeting lots of nice people through that. My dissertation is part creative writing and part on female protagonists in young adult fiction; it's kind of a vague topic at the moment but at this point it's mostly an excuse to read lots of books in that vein. Putting off third year for a bit sounds like a GREAT idea though, I hope she enjoys Italy. Sunshine! Spaghetti! Vermicelli sprinkles!

    Aw man, you should totally swing by if you come visit your friends! I'm like half an hour from Merthyr. Also, hurrah for good housing! We had a notice through the door last week telling us there'd been two burglaries on our road in a week and hey lock you doors. ;o; Student living.
    *snivels* I can't even bring myself to watch Angel. WHEDON. I'm halfway through the second series of Community already and ahhh so brilliant. The stop motion episode asdfghjk Abed is my favourite. What is Parks and Rec even about? I see endless gifs on Tumblr but I don't really understand what's... happening. Warwick Davies in Doctor Who! He was pretty great. A lot of this series has been quite dodgy though, and it's making me very sad. Stop that, Doctor Who. (Regardless, I have now been to the Experience - twice.)

    Poo! Due to the wonder that is my flimsy English course, I have no exams this year (!!) but I haven't made any plans for Expo, no. :( It's a shame, I'd really like to hang out with you guys again! How is your sister? I'm heading into the treacherous land of 'Third year? what do you mean third year? A DISSERTATION?' and I think she's doing the same...?
    Danni I just got to the end of series six of Buffy and I'm NOT HAPPY AT ALL. UGH. I knew it was coming, but I didn't know the specifics and UGGHHH NO. :( I've switched to S2 of Community to take a break from the sad. (The part with Troy dancing around the chloroformed man omg I had to watch it three times over)
    Hi Dannichu! :D I wonder if you remember me at all XD

    I hope you've been doing well. :)

    (by the way, very cute avatar! :D I loved the Yotsoba manga a lot <3 >w<;; )
    I made a Dio customization on neopets and I don't have any friends who have played VLR and are on neopets to show it to... :( The Fancy Frock Coat is perfect though! I just wish they had digital watches ugh. Also let's be official buds.

    (it was either that weird bone sword or a rock pick. there are no knives and only one dagger which is actually a set of two daggers. :c)

    Did you know that Doctor Who is coming back? CUZ IT IS!
    Yyyyeah, and I still don't have a source of income besides my dad sticking money in my account on a regular basis. :( Should probably start on disability paperwork at some point.

    Have fun with that! What's your current job, anyway?

    I've not played Theatrhythm! It looks fun though. And yes, Vivi is the cutest, and Dagger is the best. Freya is also the best. tbh I love the whole cast but :3

    I started playing FFT last night! It's hard. Also, all of my male generics are shit, which I'm okay with, but given that the game kind of rewards you for murdering your party members, ... ... ... I probably won't kill them off but I'm still considering it.

    I've been taking an intaglio class and a metalsmithing class, and I'm kind of atrocious at the metalsmithing but whatever. My intaglio plate's going slowly and I haven't decided what I'm doing with my aquatint project yet, but it's going! And the prints will probably look interesting once I'm done, which is the important thing. I should scan my first proof and post a shitty print! (The print is shitty because it's on newsprint and because I hadn't been wearing gloves when I was applying ink, and so it's significantly FINGERprints with a side of 'newsprint really doesn't hold ink very well, but at least it's not $5 a sheet'.)

    Other than class (and I'm also in digital illustration and korean, but those are less inherently exciting), I haven't been doing that much lately! So it goes. I got off some medication that'd been probably making me more sick, though, and I started physical therapy so that one day I might be able to walk with my heels touching the ground at some point. Apparently my hamstrings are the tightest one person at the PT place has ever seen. Well then.
    I told mum you said hi! She was like :D

    I had a totally awesome time staying with you and hope that I eventually will be able to do so again :D

    What's been up lately?

    I played FFIX last week through yesterday! I like it a lot.
    Nooo here I am!

    Okay so like Quark makes me SO ANGRY. I spent the entire game thinking and hoping that he would totally be the mastermind and then there's that bit in Luna's ending where everyone's dead and Quark's missing and then suddenly it's like DING-DONG AN AMBIDEX GATE HAS BEEN OPENED and I was like omG finally?!?!?! but nope. He's just boring old Quark. So disappointed. I really wanted the stuff Dio said in the timelines where he and Quark betray Tenmyouji to be true, but alas. :(

    Haha yeah, I know, like the part where Phi's like "you must've done a lot of drugs to look like that at 22" and wow, all of Sigma's creepy hitting-on is now even more creepy when you think about how everybody else saw it!

    Sigh, Alice. I just love this bit on tv tropes that I thought summed everything up perfectly: Alice succumbs to Radical-6 in every timeline and either kills herself with a scalpel (or the "Myrmidons" knife) or else she's stopped just in time by Sigma. In the path to the "Quark" ending Quark is cured of Radical-6, Dio and K escape and Sigma manages to avoid getting poisoned by his bracelet due to an impromptu amputation (he's glad to not be dead, though). The survivors are taking the whole situation pretty well, but then Alice spoils the mood by bursting into the room to dramatically kill herself. "Not again!" thinks the player.

    Haha, I love the bit about the curse of Sigma's cat puns. And I have reblogged screenshots of K on the Zero Jr. ride so many times. They're excellent. Alice is excellent once in a while. I think my favourite line in the entire game had to be REMOVE THESE SHORTS OF OBFUSCATION!

    Right, I'm trying to get Cirrus to play 999 so e can play VLR! Also would you happen to have read/played/something Dangan Ronpa? You should. It's great. One of the voice actors is actually Dio's Japanese voice actor, apparently. Anyway it's a game that I think comes up a lot with games like VLR and Ace Attorney. SA has had the paywall up for way too long, though, argh! I need my SDR2 fix :c
    I pledge to reply to your VM sometime tonight so you will have some company. :o Look forward to it.
    Haha, I finished the game about five days after I got it. :p I just left it on on sleep mode most of the time and fortunately never got the thing that I keep getting now where my 3DS just doesn't wake up after sleep mode again! You might want to save often, though, because my game crashed a couple of times. I think that's how the save bug actually lapins; you save in one of the glitched rooms and your game crashes before you can save again, so you're just left with that corrupted save.

    Hm, I remember being sad in the beginning that I didn't like the characters in this game as much as I did in 999. I absolutely love Dio though, and Luna to a lesser extent, and I ship them to death - well, actually, I ship Dio with pretty much the entire cast, ehehe. I do adore Zero III if you couldn't tell, and whoops, time to go back through this VM and see where I can work in some rabbit puns!

    Luna's ending is the very best ending. It is. the best. Just the best. It was the first ending I replayed after beating the game.

    Have you seen the part in the game where gentlepoints actually shows up yet? I love the files about Sigma's cat puns myself. I love all that stuff too! It's part of what just... makes the Zero Escape series for me. When Digital Root starts playing and there's this huge infodump about morphogenetic field theory or quantum mechanics or the Chinese room and it's just. :D.

    I've been recommending VLR to a lot of people too, though I think they just shrug it off as they do when I get totally obsessed with something. I guess I'll just spend my days yelling about it on tumblr.

    what do you mean the server is too busy for me to send a VM to Dannichu don't you know VLR is IMPORTANT
    I love it! I've gotten about eight hours out of it so far and I am actually so terrified of losing my save data because of that bug, aaa. I don't think I could stand to read all that again so soon. I've gotten as far as I could on all the branches of the flowchart after taking the door with Alice and now I'm working on the one with Tenmyoldy.

    I'm not sure how obvious it's supposed to be who Alice is right away; I'd felt so clever for thinking "oh, but do you mean Allice? :o oho" but maybe that was just because it's been a while since I finished 999. Maybe their clothes have something to do with their ~secret line of work~!. It's intriguing. I guess most of my thoughts right now would be spoilers so I'll keep them to myself for now! But I desperately want to know who K is!

    I feel so terrible for Clover... "Actually, this is my third Nonary Game..." How unfortunate do you have to be.
    Hi, Dannichu! So this is totally random but I need somebody to obsess at over Virtue's Last Reward because omg. How far have you gotten? :o These jerks keep betraying me because they're jerks. Jerks. :(
    OH NO I think I left my Pokemon book at your house :C (the one you made stare into Joe's eyes) If it's not toooo much trouble, could you maybe send it sometime? Also I think Filip's roly-poly DS case might be kicking around somewhere, but probably he's fine with just grabbing it some other time. Hope you're having a nice evening! <3
    Ahh I forgot you're all grown up now - is your masters all done? Did you get a hat? (I got very sad when I realised you don't get to keep the tassel hat when you graduate uni, so I can only hope they give you one for master-ing)

    And I really love Buffy! Willow is my faaavorite... though also Giles, Xander, Tara oh um I don't know. I miss Cordelia as well, which was unexpected. (We're doing a module this year looking at different adaptations of a concept and it's the vampire so this week we actually had lectures on Buffy. I GOT SPOILED a bit but was still pretty cool.) I've heard so much about Community, but not seen any of it! I haven't seen any of those shows, actually. ;; I was getting into watching Downtown Abbey with my mum quite a bit before I came back to uni. I don't normally watch period dramas but it's good (and Maggie Smith is amazing)!

    No Expo for me this year (sadface sadface) BUT it's because I've tickets for UK LeakyCon (!!!) so I'm saving for that. :D Have fun if you're going; apparently Matt Smith is turning up for something? If you're around Cardiff at some point you should swing by (I have a HOUSE now and it's really weird)!
    OKAY I GET THE HALF CAMEL AND DOLPHIN THING NOW though the fez is still a mystery
    Psst I've been watching Buffy with my housemate and we're up to series five and every other episode I have a little mind-blowing experience wherein some forum signature or whatever of yours suddenly makes sense! Tiny, tiny babies! Miss Kitty Fantastico! (Although I'm still not sure about that half a camel or the dolphin in a fez.)
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