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  • Hi, I've been meaning to ask for a while - what does your custom title mean? :o I tried putting it into Google Translate, but all that comes out is gibberish, haha.
    Hey surskitty. Would it be worthwhile if Zexion and I got an e-ref for our butterfly battle?
    Not an oficial DQ warning yet, I guess, but be sure to post commands in the tournament battle soon. Just one more set for this round, after all.
    Just noticed your absence sheet post, so ignore the DQ thing, but it's your turn to post commands against Zexion!
    ay, if you need to take a break from asb for any reason, you should post in the absence thread! that way you won't be dq'd and people can know what's up!
    You might not have noticed since it took a while for any reffings to get posted there, but, you might want to post commands in your tournament battle.
    ;; Charizard clings to Wooper's left antler with all its might: "don't let them hurt me"
    You're welcome. I apologize for not being around to stop the situation from escalating as much as it did, and I'm glad this helps to resolve it properly.

    Hmmm. I'm not sure I understand the concern, but I'll keep it in mind.

    Blazhy is, as far as I know, writing an apology as I speak. I suppose she wasn't really sure how to end the discussion, the continuation of which was swiftly becoming a problem -- which doesn't justify the outburst, of course, but it was definitely not meant to be in the spirit of shutting you down or encouraging you to stop playing. Again, we're all still only learning how to run this ASB in a new way... But we'll be able to handle this kind of situation more diplomatically in the future, for sure.
    So, uh, I missed the party in the Question Box back there, but I didn't want to start it back up there because, and this is also probably why my colleague had to cut you short back there, it's not exactly the place for a discussion. I'm thinking of checking with the usergroup if we feel that changes in how we officially parse priority and move order are in call for (while, of course, remaining open to any thoughts you might have on the matter -- we'll take them via VM/PM, or Suggestion Box). I hope you understand that we just couldn't keep discussing it in the Question Box specifically, since it's a place meant for direct questions and answers. We also hope that this wasn't an overstep of our boundaries, and Blazhy would definitely apologize if you feel that this was handled improperly -- we're still all getting used to running ASB without one bosslady to run them all, although at the end of the day we can't always let everyone's personal interpretations run (and I know there are some official descriptions in the A&A/Database that bug me to the core but it's just my personal opinion in the end).
    So I have a question about importing a rather large roleplay to these roleplay forums from another forum site. Most, if not all, the other roleplayers currently involved with it would also be moving here. The roleplay is rather image-intensive, violent, and dark. Would it be okay to bring it here? Would it be possible to link you to it so you could look it over and say whether it would be acceptable to bring it here?
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