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  • Ah, hello surskitty! Happy birthday to you, may it be filled with good times and cake c:
    Well, I knew you were seniority on here, but I didn't know you were a mod. And common knowledge isn't really something I grew up around. :D
    I really hope you're able to visit sometime again, too, but god, travelling between the UK and US isn't cheap D: I'm about to start a new job and I'm going to save like hell and I hope I might be able to visit the US maybe next winter?

    I've really not been up to much lately - I've spent the last few weeks travelling around seeing people because this job doesn't let me take holiday for ages, so I'm at my parents' at the moment, but later today I'm meeting with Mhals in London and we're seeing Matilda (the musical, not a friend I'm expecting you to just know about). I'm very excited.

    FFIX is a very good game. I've wanted to re/play ALL the Final Fantasies recently, since getting Theatrhythm for the 3DS. It makes me nostalgic for games I haven't actually played. I'm really impressed you played through it so quickly! Vivi is the cutest character in just about anything.
    What else have you been up to?
    Oh damn, somehow I'd managed to completely forget about Amazon JP adding that exclusive Pokémon-stuff store. My walllettt... ;-;

    Trying to deal with an internship and find actual work and save up so I won't have to be a hobo, basically, and not doing a very good job at it because five million silly fandom projects. Can't really complain overall, though! How about you!
    Just want to say thanks for all the help on point perspective yesterday! It helped a lot. :)
    Um, I tried downloading suikoden a couple years ago, but then I screwed everything up. Would you mind giving me directions to download what when? Sorry for asking you now, almost two years after I asked you. ^^;
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