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  • That's good! I'm a little tired too. I'm okay. School sucked today, though. The other children were being mean to me.
    Okay, thanks! I'll have to watch it tomorrow, though. Becasue my baby sister is sleeping, and I don't have headphones, and the sound will wake her up.
    Oh, Haha! I used to be a member, but I was always kinda bored by it. I had an account when I was 6. I don't know if they still have it, but you used to be able to design T-shirts, so I remember convincing my dad to let me make one. I still have it, it is green, and it has a fairy or something, and my name. It still fits!! XD
    I usually don't join things that you must be 13 for, but sometimes I do. Like my Yahoo! account. And I never liked Neopets. I found it quite boring :P
    What an intresting blog you host!

    And no, I do not have a Tumblr. I want one, but you're supposed to be 13 to make an account. I am only 12. :(
    Very well, thanks for asking!

    And I think they should list Shaymin as a HEDGEhog in the Pokedex and handbooks and things. It is much more clever.

    Do you have a tumblr?
    Cool. I have had Kid Blaze for little over two months. My old one was CJ Blazer. I think Kid sounds better.

    I once named this Skitty in Ruby Delskitty or Delskit
    Please read my new post in the "It's all my fault" thread.
    Okay. Thanks. I'll keep you uptated on what happens to her. She's having the surgery tomorrow, but she won't be online until next weekend, most likely. Please tell your mother that I say thank you, so much. And that I appreciate the concern.
    Okay. Thanks, I appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply, we were talking to the doctors. I just feel so bad because she's going to have surgery. I just hope everything will end up okay. It isn't a particularly risky surgery, but it's one that is pretty serious, so I'm afraid for her. But she isn't afraid at all. It's weird.
    So, I noticed you were talking to my sister, Cloudcat. And I'm assuming that you know what heppened to her. And I noticed you were looking at my thread in the CC Fourm, so obviously, you know how I feel about the accident. Do you really think it was my fault that she got hurt? Or am I just being irrational?
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