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Recent content by surskitty

  1. surskitty

    Pokemon Crystalis, a Crystal romhack

    :|a I wanted them to hit their final stages in the same order they hit their middle stages, and I also didn't want to take forever with it. If I picked again, I'd have kadabra -> alakazam at 36, then 42 for golem and gengar and 44 for machamp, but I don't think I actually put much thought into...
  2. surskitty

    Pokemon Crystalis, a Crystal romhack

    I've been working on this off and on for a bit as a pet project, and figure I should link it here! Just in case anyone checks. Here it is! It plays on any GBC emulator, and should be compatible with regular Pokemon Crystal save files if you really wanted to use one for some reason. I emulate...
  3. surskitty

    Meursault vs. surskitty

    Sounds good. Sorry about that.
  4. surskitty

    I'm really sorry about that; I keep meaning to get to it. Yeah, it's probably a good idea :( Sorry.

    I'm really sorry about that; I keep meaning to get to it. Yeah, it's probably a good idea :( Sorry.
  5. surskitty

    [15] Superbird vs surskitty (ref: Mai)

    Chill x3; I don't think it's enough to get your numbers sufficient, but whatever. Sorry, Runty!
  6. surskitty

    [15] Superbird vs surskitty (ref: Mai)

    So does digging underground have priority ...?
  7. surskitty

    [15] Superbird vs surskitty (ref: Mai)

    Let's try a Swagger, unless she protects herself, in which case Hone Claws, and then Stone Edges, I guess. [ SHRUG ] Swagger/Hone Claws ~ Stone Edge ~ Stone Edge
  8. surskitty

    Absence Sheet

    Sorry, brain's fried; still sick; have been for the past week or two; will get stuff done at some point.
  9. surskitty

    [15] Superbird vs surskitty (ref: Mai)

    Take advantage of your speed boost to throw up a large Substitute, then go for Stone Edge. Substitute (20%) ~ Stone Edge ~ Stone Edge
  10. surskitty

    Question Box

    Wait, but giving someone a scatterbug as a prize then means they have a significantly worse prize than the rest of the entrants: they won't really have a new useful pokemon unless they cough up the money for a vivillon. Meanwhile, free eevee actually might be a better reward than free sylveon...
  11. surskitty

    Suggestion Box

    Would having things you pay to evolve capping at 50% health and energy as a standard thing be a good idea or not? Then your caterpie vs wurmple at least are guaranteed to die quickly.
  12. surskitty

    Question Box

    Awww. That's kind of a bummer, though! I don't know; it feels more like it's a consolation prize if you don't get the exp, rather than a 'congrats for participating in our event' thing. Even if it is kind of a consolation prize. And I mean, it starting with 1 exp because you used it in the...
  13. surskitty

    [15] Superbird vs surskitty (ref: Mai)

    Sorry, I've been sick and waiting to see if I'd feel any better since my head's been full of fuzz, and ... I don't, so sucks for me, I guess. Hone Claws if you don't think you'll be able to hit her, Runty; otherwise, Ice Fang, unless you've been Worry Seeded, in which case Stone Edge. Hone...
  14. surskitty

    [15] Superbird vs surskitty (ref: Mai)

    Let's start out with a Dragon Dance, and if you can try to evade the Leech Seed with it, that would be nice, Runty! Then, since you should be faster now, throw down a medium Substitute and Ice Fang! Dragon Dance ~ Substitute (15%) ~ Ice Fang
  15. surskitty

    surskitty vs. Zhorken

    This is definitely a funnier alternative to that happening, and at least now we know what happens: the ref looks for an excuse to make it not happen, for the benefit of all.