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    Okay. Thanks. I'll keep you uptated on what happens to her. She's having the surgery tomorrow, but she won't be online until next weekend, most likely. Please tell your mother that I say thank you, so much. And that I appreciate the concern.
    Okay. Thanks, I appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply, we were talking to the doctors. I just feel so bad because she's going to have surgery. I just hope everything will end up okay. It isn't a particularly risky surgery, but it's one that is pretty serious, so I'm afraid for her. But she isn't afraid at all. It's weird.
    So, I noticed you were talking to my sister, Cloudcat. And I'm assuming that you know what heppened to her. And I noticed you were looking at my thread in the CC Fourm, so obviously, you know how I feel about the accident. Do you really think it was my fault that she got hurt? Or am I just being irrational?
    Wait! I looked through some of it, and I remember reading bits and peices of it berfore! XD Anyways, I must go for a little while (maybe half an hour...?) Because I need to talk to the doctor. I might have to stay in the hospital for a couple days.
    Oh, I've already seen it! Haha I have seen about 15 episodes or so, but I don't really like it :P. But thanks for the suggestion, though!
    I want completely OUT of this site. How do I delete this User and account?? PLEASE DELETE THIS ACCOUNT¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh jeez i'm so sorry ; ;
    when you asked why i said it five times i thought you were just saying i was complaining about this a lot in there (which i can see as justified but i wasnt expecting ?_?)
    OH hello i didn't realise it was doing that at all and i didn't get half the ones you guys sent

    was it doing this every time i've got on?
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