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  • Awesome! And no, nothing in particular... I mean, as far as doing another tournament, since the last one was gimmicky, perhaps something more "standard" this time around? It seems reasonable to do something Alola-themed, too, unless there's worry that not enough people would have the games yet/be able to build a team on them at this point. But other than that, nothing really. I was just curious.
    Hey, just wondering if you were still planning to do a revamp of the wi-fi league, or maybe another tournament of some kind?
    Cool, let me know. I'm expecting to be free this weekend (aside from desperately trying to finish some personal projects), so hit me up whenever!
    Nah, I'd feel a little greedy picking from all those nice things, haha.

    Did you still want that bulbasaur?
    I had a whimsicott in the original team plan... ended up going with shiftry instead, though. And lol, I'm not that good, I got lucky with the team choices people made this tournament.
    Man, I had NO clue what was even going on that turn, haha. Only pokémon with hurricane I saw the entire tournament, I think.
    Good match! Sorry about the goof at the beginning, there; I still seem to forget how to set up online battles half the time.
    Sooo I got pulled into last-minute teaching a lab on Monday... would we be able to push that battle time back a couple hours, to 10:00 PM your time? If not, I should be free whenever on Tuesday.
    Either of those should work fine for me. Shall we say 8:00 PM your time on Monday?
    Okay, well, it's up to you. If you want to try and battle once you get back to school, it'd probably be better for us to set up a time in advance so we don't end up missing each other.
    Are you getting an error code just trying to connect, or trying to start a battle? You're not showing up online for me.
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