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  • Bastion is a great game - have fun with it!

    I'm not anywhere near finished (I've only played a few hours because I don't spend much time on Steam), but it's really artistically impressive.
    Ah, I see. That would get pretty annoying—probably more annoying than someone just effectively dropping the class, even, because then at least we knew for sure we were doing everything ourselves.
    Well, yeah, hence the "theoretically". :p That does suck, though—like I said, I've been through enough projects where I was effectively working as two or three team members.

    I hope the exams go well!
    Hah, I know how it is—I haven't been doing a ton of posting lately either. There's just so much else to do these days.

    Group projects are kind of the pits, haha. I hope at least most of the people you're working with are going to pull their weight; I know all too well how frustrating it is when someone bails on something like that. At least it's theoretically a little less work for you individually, though...?
    I'm the same way, heh. Ideally there wouldn't be too many projects going on at once, though! Just a lot of different things to do over the course of my time there.

    My problem's a little less about finding targets (though I do need to be a bit better about that as well) as it is remembering to return the emails I keep getting from Career Services instead of spacing out and wandering off to do something else, haha. I did send someone an email about what looks like a pretty cool job earlier today, though, so assuming my laziness hasn't caused me to miss that opportunity it might be cool to see where that leads!
    I dunno... lots of different stuff! Website-related stuff, obviously, but I'd like to dabble in all sorts of different projects. It'd depend on what the company usually did most of the time, I guess!

    Good to hear that you're halfway there! I wouldn't be nervous—I'm sure you'll be fine!—but definitely stay proactive about it, haha. I'm not very good at that myself, which is probably contributing at least a little toward my not having an actual job yet. (Oops.)
    Thank you! I'm not really sure what I want to do just yet, but I'm hoping to find some sort of design agency so I can work on a bunch of different projects.

    Work experience is always good, yeah. Hope you find something! How many years do you have left in your current school?
    Thanks! It's been going all right—graduated last year, starting an internship and looking for real work now, busy with a lot of other things in the meantime. How about you? What've you been up to?
    Forgive me for the orange incident. I will try to keep my randomness under control.
    you said a carrot was part of the ransom. a carrot is all i have. the ransom is now started.
    So... you can keep Viki.

    I'll leave a carrot to get them started.

    *sets carrot down*
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