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  • They were childhood friends, and after they've separated they generally represent the innocence of childhood to each other. I don't see any hint of romance in their relationship, and I'd wager they grew up too close to be able to see each other that way. There's caring, obviously, but they never appear to relate to each other in any way that's specific to romance as opposed to friendship.
    Hiyo :3 Nice to meet you. *curtsy* I'll send a friend request...accept it if you want :O Oh and i'll be sure to read your into thread sometime...^^; Eheheheh....*is sooo not used to this forum XD;*
    A few days ago in that one thread in the author's lounge! I was an asshole. Sorry about that.
    tigerstar - don
    hawkfrost - roleblocker; appears innocent when inspected
    brokentail - inspector
    breezepelt - sort of terrorist
    jayfeather - inspector
    leafpool - healer
    cinderheart - healer
    dovewing - can see what a player that she picks was targeted with
    firestar - lightningrod
    lionblaze - one-time bulletproof
    squirrelflight - scrambler
    hollyleaf - vigilante
    crowfeather - lover
    ivypool - fishing brother with whichever side she picks
    third party:
    sol - alien
    that's what i did when i first started reading lol

    only i didn't skimp on schoolwork because it was the summer of '06 and plus twilight wasn't even out yet haha

    the books aren't exactly quality literature but they're stupidly addictive nonetheless, no clue why. i'm 17 and i'm still reading them even though i started when i was 11.
    I've also posted it on three Warriors sites :p it's just that TCoD has a large warriors fanbase (or at least it used to) so I figured I might get some attention :/
    F12 brings up some developer thing. I just accidently clicked it whilst typing a welcome post and didn't pay any attention to it. Just freaked out and closed it straight away
    You should also see the recent "Derren Brown: The Experiments" series, particularly The Assassin and The Guilt Trip! They're along somewhat similar lines as The Heist. And then he's done a bunch of TV series and specials and stage shows and they're pretty much universally brilliant. (Do take some of it with a grain of salt, though. Especially if you watch the lottery one. He's just being a troll in that.)
    Everything. :D Well, except the Mind Control series that was apparently partly old material. I've spent the past couple of weeks watching ALL THE DERREN BROWNS.

    And yessss, he is amazing. Have you seen An Evening of Wonders? Because that may be the most amazing.
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