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  • I haven't played many JRPGs actually but as soon as I saw a trailer for it in one of the Nintendo Directs I got really excited about it and I don't know why. If I get a 3DS it's probably a game I'm going to be getting.
    Have you played Bravely Default Flying Fairy then? Because it's coming out in Europe this month and I'm wondering if it's worth getting.
    Does "spoopy" mean anything? You changed your name to that on #tcod for a while a few days ago and since then I've noticed that a lot of tumblr users actually also have that in their names now. I doubt all of them did it because of that 5 second video of Ash.
    The reason I made a thread about PMD was because I got an amazon gift card, and since I never buy anything I don't absolutely need, and you can't get anything you absolutely need on amazon, I need to decide what to buy with it :P
    Thanks, I know most people probably don't dislike me here. I just have a natural paranoia about what people think about me.
    I still hope a person can get through life a good person without having to choose to resorting to 'violent' interests (sadly, i seem to obsess about this kind of thing....a lot :<)
    I actually develuped an allergy to chocolate around after i started taking ritalin, btw. Now I avoid anything chocolate completely. Although coffee agree's with me really good and apperently helps my meds work better, so its not a caffine allergy. :) I think i'm allergiac/sencitive to the Theobromine in chocolate. Even before taking meds, I remember I always got kinda 'edgey' whenever I ate chocolate. Although I used to suck it up more easily when I was younger, it defenetly wasn't doing me any good, concidering all the emotional issues i may of bottled up that ganged up on me a bit later...=/ Maybe if I never ate chocolate so much when i was younger I might not of needed meds so much (i used to be like in love with the stuff....haha.....).
    I was actually orrigionally put on ritalin for adhd (since i had the worst adhd ever around the start of my crush on riku. since that was when i started becoming more okay with the idea of sex. P= so i got insanely hyper over that and ended up medicated for it....turns out, tho, i was eating a lot of chocolate at the time which was really what was making me need the med. but i still ended up taking it even after getting past the adhd cuz it helps control my emotions and keep me from having too many bad side effects from rispardome too i think)
    I'm on an OCD medication, an anti-axiety one, and, uhh, i duno what catagory Ritalin is in (usually purscribbed for adhd). My guess is its also anti-axiety, since it's calming. And i'm on it for emotional calming now too (even though i'm pretty much over adhd now, on average *doesnt eat sugar anymore, too, which helps~*) Actually, I think rispardome is an anti-depresent. And, my new medication, Clomiprimine, is for the OCD and I think its an anti-axiety med. Anyways, i'm on these 3 meds; Rispardome, Ritalin, and, Clomiprimine. 2 anti axieties and one anti depresent, i think.
    Pretty much all mean nicknames you get are kind of silly. It's something that rhymes with your name or is a fictional character you happen to look like that apparently should be embarrassing. I don't see why bullies think it's so funny to find a way to fit words like fart somewhere in your name.
    I didn't have a long one, unless you count the times where people would combine the nicknames I had based on my first middle and last names.

    I don't think I was ever mentioned on the article on tcod, it was on a page about some meme from another forum I used to visit. A forum I don't visit any more because of how awful I realised it was. And if it's that awful without being exaggerated by encyclopaedia dramatica, imagine how bad the article I was in must have been!

    I think my "not a n00b" was listed as my bio or job, not my usertitle. My usertitle might have been "2=1" at some point back then because I'd recently come across the mathematical 'proof' that shows that, and I thought it was cool. I don't recall Dannichu's usertitle, but I do remember her location was "in ur noun verbin ur noun" which I found hilarious.

    I would check their TVTropes pages, but I know I'd just stuck there for hours on end, as is the usual.

    My parents have cable so whenever I go home I always have something on in the background even if I'm not properly watching it. I'm not sure why they have it though, since they don't seem to use the extra channels that much. I think it might be a cable-phone-internet thing as well, making it cheaper. When I'm not there though I do occasionally watch Doctor Who on BBC iPlayer which oddly enough you don't need a TV licence to use even though logically it would seem like you should, being the BBC and all.
    They probably do get a bit from DVD sales but nowhere near as much as from TV licences, since £110 from more than 10 million homes every year adds up to a lot.

    Blinking was definitely the appeal, I meant they looked like they could be static avatars, but they also happened to move. Most animated avatars sort of rely on the fact that they're animated to be any good. If that makes sense.

    I animated it myself insofar as it's taken from a game but I found it really hard to capture screenshots from DOS games so it took forever to get each individual frame out, then put them together again. These days that's quite easy in GIMP but that image is an animated png which not many programs can save far as I know. It had to be a png since gifs don't handle transparency well.
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