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  • Yo, it's your turn to command! wow remember this look at my active squad I don't even own a Litwick anymore
    Okay! I finally got around to reffing that battle I mentioned. No rush for you to post commands or anything, just letting you know.
    That's cool, we can be more lenient on the DQ time if you want. I'll post about getting it revived in the archived battles thread.
    Hey, Blade, I found this battle between you and Omskivar from the old ASB. Omskivar was okay with continuing it, so would you like to continue it as well? (I'd be reffing it)
    It's your call; either way's fine. I mean, if you do post it, you'll get money for it, of course.
    Reminder to post commands in your battle with Flareth. You have 48 hours before the DQ period's up.
    I'm assuming the class takes place mainly after the sun sets, then? Still, though, that must be super satisfying to find exactly what you've been looking for with a telescope. And yeah, Python can be picky at times with syntax and capitalization but a lot of it is easy to figure out.

    That much snow sounds amazing, really. We've had little bits of snowflakes maybe twice in about five years or so. It never kept snowing for long, though, because it always just turned into a light shower.

    Well recently, I've really been into the Persona series on both my 3DS and Vita. They're probably some of the best games I've played in a while. Other than that, I've mainly been playing Omega Ruby, Pokemon X, and SSB4. Anyway, have you played any good games recently?
    I noticed you posted a reply on your own page earlier so I may as well respond to it now, haha.
    Astrophysics sounds like it's a really interesting topic! I'm actually signed up for a physics class next year and I'm looking forward to it. In my CompSci class, we actually just started out on Python stuff this month and it's surprisingly easy to get into.

    Snow sounds amazing right now, honestly. It's nearly 90 degrees here already and we barely get any cold days in winter. Boston does seem like a fun place from your description and it seems like a place I'd want to visit someday. :D
    Ah, I've got a couple friends in CompSci! I'm currently majoring in Astrophysics (though mostly physics), but it hasn't been that bad. Haven't personally done CompSci, although I am sort of learning a programming language and am probably going to learn Python over the summer.

    Boston is incredible :D Well, I take that back, it's incredible when we're not getting buried under all the snow ever. It's a very pedestrian city; a quick ride on the T (subway/bus system they have) will get you anywhere. Or you could even walk, if you wanted. It's not as big or busy as a place like New York, but it's still pretty fun.
    I'm actually a junior (second semester) in high school right now! I'm currently in a computer science class and it's super fun (for me at least). I'm considering at last minoring in it when I get to college.

    What's Boston like, anyway? I've never been there before.
    Thank you! It's been practically forever since I've seen you, so how have you been?
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