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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn ôi cũng không nghe được chuyện này!

    Hứa Nhạc trả lời, biết những lời đánh giá của đám quân nhân sĩ quan cùng binh lính bên trong căn cứ kia đại khái là đánh giá về tính cách trầm mặc mà chất phác bình thường của mình, cùng với một sự kiện đột ngột lóe lên trong đầu. Hắn thoáng trầm mặc một lát sau mới mang theo chút suy nghĩ mà nói:

    - Kỳ thật tôi cũng không phải lúc nào cũng trầm mặc giống như vậy đâu. Khi còn thiếu niên, kỳ thật tôi cũng thường xuyên đanh đá chua ngoa vô cùng, lại rất nhiều lời nữa, so sánh cũng không kém Lan Hiểu Long chút nào đâu.

    Not sure if you missed it, but I've picked up your double battle against Eifie.
    Vipera Magnifica has suggested that my Sigilyph battle your Larvitar, and I wholeheartedly agree. :o
    noooo then I'll be out of shape and it'll happen again... man I didn't realize parkour was so rigorous?? like when did I even use my back and abs... I guess the monkey vault takes upper body strength in random places??
    I walked down the stairs at an almost normal speed today?? I don't think I can go to ballet tomorrow though :'( uggh there were so many things I wanted to DO this weekend, when can we go again
    b-but it said you were viewing index the cave of dragonflies

    (also I still can't walk down the stairs, I whimper like Barfie every time I have to)
    I can't think of anything witty to write and it's cutting into our parkour time bye
    Ellie Black is so like intense omg she's amazing. I really love like that one pose that like... actually it's the one in the preview of the first video I linked. omg she's so great. omg. and omg Flavia is adorable like everyone loves her hahaha, my coworkers and I thought she was like 12. she's actually 15 (turning 16 this year) because you need to be turning 16 this year to compete. (Amelia Hundley tho... someone in the comments said her choreography was weird in a bad way but no I think it's so unique and cool :C like everyone else is like ~DRAMATIC~ or like sass x100 and she's just like no let's just have fun. I love the shimmy she does at one point)

    yes once I finish sending you videos of my dance show I will scout out videos of the uneven bars and some more balance beam ones. the vault ones are pretty boring lol
    PMing is too much effort so I'm just gonna casually overload you with gymnastics videos since this one great person has been uploading most of them on youtube

    my idol Ellie Black: I can't decide which of her floor exercise videos is the best so have the one I saw live although the commentators are busy talking over the buildup which is really sad. actually no this one is better and you can actually hear the music. also here she is on the balance beam omg.

    fuckin FLAVIA SARAIAVA: floor (omg) balance beam (omG)

    also Amelia Hundley (I can't find the good video, oh well) and Ana Gomez and Madison Desch (finding the one where she doesn't go out of bounds is too much effort) and Megan Skaggs (srsly commentators stop talking) and bonus Rachel Gowey from 2014 and omg I'll show you uneven bars videos later because I'm spending way too much time watching these videos and after I post this I'm gonna go watch them all again
    Any chance you'll come back to ref anytime soon? I never bothered to get an e-ref for my battles with MF and Grass King, and you did mention that you'd probably return around the beginning of July. If you aren't up for reffings that's totally fine, but I would like to know in case I do need to try and get an e-ref. Thanks!
    no I work east of it, did I not look at the map right. anyway I'm 105% down, name the date and time
    yeah I mean the u of t ones are during work, right: ( I totally wanna go omgggg. too bad it's not directly subway accessible though but probably still closer to work than u of t?
    omG today a coworker's phone rang and his ringtone was the original pursuit cornered and I was like omg you have an ace attorney ringtone too!! at long last after several years I have met someone who would recognize my steel samurai ringtone
    I tried the DRAGON again. I actually climbed around the side this time, which I was too scared to do last time, and then climbed like one rock and promptly fell into the foam pit. :'( my coworker climbed all the way to the top though and just dropped into the pit from there. he hit a mattress thing and sunk right into it and I didn't see him come up again for a while
    I'm not going until 6, but I will keep this in mind. the DRAGON is so hard though :C

    idk man I guess maybe the other thing counts as Q3 or something. man I swear the reason my doctor's appointment is several months overdue is because a) work and b) I don't want to call
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