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  • they're probably not that bad, I'm just pathetic :D

    going up is the easiest! going down you can't see where you're going, and going sideways you have to constantly switch feet and if you jump sideways and miss you fall to the ground, but if you jump up and miss you have whatever rock you were standing on before so your journey is probably not over. there's this sideways route that I just couldn't finish last time because at the end you kind of have to swing sideways and it's pretty low and I didn't have to strength to hold myself up so I didn't touch the ground :C I'm going again today probably so maybe I will try it first thing before I'm too tired

    they fund some movember thing in Q3 lmao. also I lied I still hate the phone... but like five years ago I was too terrified to like call restaurants to order stuff and call the doctor to make appointments and now it's not so terrifying, I just hate it a lot
    maybe it's still worth it? idk after one day of allergies I just want to... well ok no I would never kick Barfie :'( I wanna get allergy shots though but I don't have time... I just want to not have those days before Omnaris starts working where I actually have to stay home in bed because they're so bad

    actually I'm paying like 1k and I guess my class will cost another 1k or something. computer science!

    omg that sounds like the hardest thing ever. also even climbing oriented normally but going sideways is really hard but I love it a lot. switching feet on a tiny stone is like an exciting adventure and that's basically all you do when climbing sideways

    my company isn't gonna fund me :'( apparently they only fund one charity per quarter and they just did one this quarter. HR is helping me try to organize some company-wide event like wheelchair basketball so I need to make lots of calls to find out if this is possible. omg I remember when I used to be terrified of talking on the phone
    I do have a tumblr but I don't want to use it... also talk to your doctor yo. after Claritin stopped working for me my doctor put me on Omnaris which is like a steroid nasal spray and it's like magic omg. apparently a steroid thing is that it takes a while to start working (like maybe a week or two) but then it is sweet sweet relief

    yeah apparently I like don't have health insurance right now because co-ops don't get any benefits and since I'm working I'm no longer covered under my parents'... actually idk if it's all health insurance or what but my mom said I'm not covered for like optometry anyway

    isn't climbing perpendicular to the ground normal climbing? I am going to need a diagram with pictures

    not yet! they set up a meeting for Monday omg. also my coworker dropped out because her mom said rappelling down a seventeen story building was too dangerous :'(
    I guess it's also to pay for the services I used to find my job, although there was a separate fee for that. and! I get to keep using hart house! most excellent

    ohh yeah like belly-up, fighting against the force of gravity to hold yourself up with your arms and legs. too hard for me... but I also always end up trying the upside-down ones only when I'm already really tired and they take so much more strength than the regular ones. I don't think robarts is specially equipped with rocks jutting out at proper intervals with some of them being grippy enough to hold on to securely, though...

    I hope so :O! then maybe I could raise $2000 or something!! omg. and we have bagel Fridays and the bagels are really good and the secretary told my coworker where she gets them so she thought we would go there and buy some to sell at the subway :O the ones we get at work are like plain and sesame seed and well all I really know is raisin because I always take those and just bite into them plain without cutting them or spreading anything on them
    whew okay that's reassuring, my nerves are settled

    I'm paying to keep part time privileges I guess and also because that's just the fee for the PEY program? it's like a full course part time fee plus ancillary or whatever

    it looks vaguely like a dragon (actually it looks kind of like robarts) and it has these two things like laser eyes or something? they're like triangular blue slit light things. climbing around the neck is really scary and then you have to climb like upside down to scale up the neck to its head

    omg I'm still waiting to hear back from my workplace about matching what I raise, I so hope they'll say yes!! my coworker and I will probably end up selling bagels on the subway to fundraise haha
    checking your profile again to discover that you had not been online for eight days, I was suddenly struck with the realization that my prophetic dream could have become reality... suddenly awash with terror, I clicked frantically though to your tumblr! to discover that you had not died, but simply been overcome by a new love of gardening! it was an epic tale.

    omg how sad will I be if it's during work hours again (very sad. so sad. will never recover from this heartbreak) yes I'm still part-time in fall/winter and I'm maybe going to take a course anyway.

    nah the walls at the indoor climbing place we go to are like... 10-15 feet tall? I have not taken a ruler to them though. I've only fallen a few times anyway and I guess I landed properly on their ridiculously cushioned floors. also they have a climbing "wall" called the DRAGON. (I cannot even get close to climbing it on the easiest level because it is too scary and hard) also lol speaking of hardcore look at my laughing cupboard thread
    also omg I'm so excited for parkour and fencing and like the circus class and naginata omg why isn't it September yet. one of my coworkers got me into bouldering and also I'm having my birthday party at this like adventure park with high ropes and zip lining omg so stoked
    I will be filthy rich both in ASB and in life! speaking of which order around your huge lumbering beasts
    I loved school :( now I hate my life. casually posting this from work Wi-Fi
    yeah I only knew you died because you posted in the grr thread... you probably looked like your avatar if anything

    also you died because you stuck your head out the window while someone on the floor above was throwing out like a bucket of slops and the bucket bonked you on the head and you died instantly. I don't know how I knew this because you didn't mention that in the grr thread.

    ... I think maybe I do too much tcodf before bed
    fun fact: you died in my dream last night

    you posted about it in the grr thread and I probably cried for days because we couldn't take a parkour class together :'(
    yes good

    once you put frickin dragon in your party we can post up the challenge! Eifie vs Dragon round 3, who will win the war
    also, I am having slot! if you get RtB to actually close your battle with Mai we could get started :o I think we can just use tiny huge island for flavor, like it switches every two rounds (or maybe just according to who's commanding first?) and if the ref wants to do any more with it it's up to them?
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