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  • Ah, yeah. Thanks. I should be able to get them in tonight, though!

    "Try to keep a bit of distance between you and Azuraine in general?" Would be implying an attempted dodge on every contact move, or...? I can't imagine that working without taking up an action, but.
    "The attack decrease wouldn't be put back into effect. Even when attract subsides it's highly unlikely that Azuraine would feel any type of fear towards Mistral. Most likely just anger."




    ... Buuut I guess I've been refused on the actual chill thing, so oh well on that point.
    ... Hm, I can't pull up an exact citation here, but from I understand, priority moves can be delayed and then executed with that high priority in time to outspeed lower-priority moves--it's not that priority brackets are necessarily strict periods of time and each move acts in that specified time, it's that priority moves are faster than non-priority moves and can act before them. Like how you can reactively snatch a move (which requires waiting until the pokemon attempts the move or dedicates itself to attempting a move before snatching it for yourself), reactively protect (or any other move), or delay a move intentionally. Since this implies a lot of flexibility, a pokemon would not be able to say their opponent won't do a thing just because they haven't done it already--they should have to wait to actually see. Does that make sense?

    "I'm not entirely sure. Chill is characterized by having the Pokemon enter a relaxed state; however if the Pokemon is unable to enter that state due to exterior factors the move would simply fail. I'll post to the question box for clarification but my gut instinct is no."

    Yeah, the user would still be affected by attract on that certain action and would have to pass the roll (what percent chance of failure are we running at?), like how a pokemon could fail their paralysis roll and be prevented from using refresh. But if a chill clears the user's mind, it should be able to decrease attraction and other mental statuses (maybe not the right term? I'm thinking of confusion, here).
    "Attract cancelled the Attack decrease of Intimidate, as Azuraine lost any apprehensions he had about Mistral."

    If Azuraine snaps out of his attraction, will intimidate's attack decrease be put into effect again?
    Could chill be used to calm Azuraine down and lower his state of attraction rather than primarily recover energy?
    For clarification on the waiting:

    I was hoping "If he protects at any point or is unreachable (not including Substitute), use Dragon Dance." would require waiting on Azuraine's action: otherwise, since protect is a high-priority move, he could wait and use it reactively after Mistral makes her move.
    With Dragon's conditionals, would Azuraine be able to move first and make a substitute before captivate?
    In vs. Dragon, could Azuraine create the ice-rocks for avalanche from nothing (it's in the app as doing that, but it's kind of a silly description, when it uses rocks and all other rock-based attacks can't actually create their own materials...)? If not, could Azuraine use a comet? (A comet would be super cool actually I love this idea)
    not a problem at all. Especially since I'm a big fan of fire emblem awakening

    (currently trying to play though it in Lunatic mode without grinding on dlc material. It's making me appreciate how fantastically-made it is - it's really really challenging, but at no point do I think it's unfair (inb4 paralogue 23 comes and shows me the true definition of unfair))
    Pssst uh are you still good w/reffing the battle between me and Mai, or should I look for an emergency ref..?
    "A large floating platform drifting through the scenic nebulas and galaxies of outer space, except fake space, with oxygen. An (inaccessible) pool of water has been installed below the stage; water can be drawn up through vents in the platform for attacks. The ref can decide what happens if you fall off the stage."

    Would smack down be usable here? Could we assume summoning rocks
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