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  • but i mean

    teddie is more fabulous and bootyful and a lot more successful with the ladies


    Tell me if Robin is worth it.
    My friends and I are looking forwards to him(her?) and Greninja.
    I'm getting mine at like 3 o'clock tomorrow because I have school, and my mom's gonna get it for me.
    Could you add me to the SSB4 group?

    The first order of business is definitely a Smash Potato tourney. After that, I think that's how stage picks should be decided.
    Oh, silly me. I confused exponents with multiplication. Well, I mentioned in the signup that each phase is forty-eight hours, and that holds true. Sorry about that!
    Is the shiny charm from completing the national dex or the regional dex?

    Would you mind trading some legendaries with me? I can't trade atm, perhaps the weekend?
    You weren't that bad! I looked at your stuff and it's not "terrible" at all; you might think it's not that good until you see the other stuff out there.
    Oh. :I I really liked how it turned out! I might end up making one. I think it would be cool to make it a tile (i.e. you could make it a repeating background and it would be fluid).
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