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  • Ha, well, I hope you have fun when you end up doing that! Space has always been really interesting to me, too, but I don't think I could pursue it as a career. Blackholes are really cool to me, but I know basically how they work (no maths or anything, but I understand the jist of it).
    Which is scary! It's strange to think that we know so little about the universe that we live in. You can't really know any of this stuff for sure, it seems like.
    Right! Not to mention there is literally so much we don't know about space that it's basically the opposite of boring (if the definition of boring is "lacking exciting qualities" I am 100% sure space is not boring!).

    Space is easy to get excited about. It's kind of hard to wrap your mind around!
    Oh, wow! That sounds really cool! Some people think space is boring, and say it's just a big field of empty space, but it's so much more than that! I think pursuing a career in that would be pretty fun, good luck with it.
    *sheds a tear* My little blade is growing up.

    But really, how do you feel about that? Any ideas about your future? Wow, that sounded really ominous.
    Those two are up there for me, too. I think my favorite this gen is Malamar, though. I really liked Noivern at first, but its animation is so... I don't know. Unimpressive.

    Some of the Megas were pretty cool, but there were a lot of dumb ones. Abomasnow just gets fat and Medicham turns into a genie. ??
    That's what I thought. I might have to experiment with the second one, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no; my Venusaur is yet to evolve in the same battle as my Blaziken, even after the Blaziken faints.

    Although, Mega Ampharos is by far the most beautiful Mega ever. It's actually part of my blog theme. I liked Ampharos before, but now it's acquired the Dragon-Type and it got a wig. Now... (whispers)it's beautiful.
    Mega Ampharos is the best, I might have to get one. Actually, I don't think I can; can you have more than one Mega Evolution in a single battle?
    ...oh, I forget that Garchomp also gets Fire Fang, if you use a Heart Scale. I would have a Goomy, but they really don't like to be caught. I could not get one in a PokéBall, it was terrible.

    What did you have the first time you played?
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