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  • Well Inigo was pretty fabulous, but I'll take your word on the love life. Inigo was terrible, that's all I know.

    and um what that's sort of hilarious.
    Oh, hm. Are there ROMs?

    ...He was an ass! I'm not Vin. It was obvious that the author was trying to get you to favour him despite him being an asshole, because he has that "charm" or whatever, but he's actually an asshole that has grown adept at hiding his assholery. It's like he's discovered boxers.
    Oh, huh! What system are the games on?

    I'm about to start Hero of Ages, but I have to finish Frankenstein first. I think
    Kelsier always came off as a brash ass who would do that sort of thing for attention. I almost expected it, really.
    Ah. Never played that.

    Oh, thank you so much for recommending the Mistborn series. They are the best, which makes you the best by association.
    "Can I be forgiven for all I've done to get here?
    I want to be.
    I can.
    I believe it."
    Story of my life, that. Still, I'm not complaining much; not sitting around doing nothing tends to be rather more unpleasant than sitting around doing nothing.
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