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Squornshellous Beta

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  • Hey there Squorn, it's been a while! I know we haven't talked in a reaaaaally long time and I probably won't be active on here much at all, so I was wondering if you had a Skype or something? That is, if you still wanted to talk and all that. I know it's been a while. I also don't remember if I asked that before. BUT! I'll check back once or twice to see if you've messaged me back.

    Either way, I hope you have a good day for what it's worth!
    !!! Is that Six from Generator Rex in the gif in your signature? If so, that's pretty sweet!
    Some things have been more up than down recently so I can't complain much c: School has really been keeping me busy though, ugh.
    Hi Squorn, I have still failed to be really active on here .-. But I hope you've been well or at least decent and everything has been going alright for you!
    I know that feeling, I didn't do anything this year so I was just kinda sitting at home doing nothing.
    if Wargle and I each wanted to pay fifteen dollars to evolve the Zweilous I caught (after I actually get it, that is), would that be okay?
    Precision, Precision, Precision

    My idea of a planet killer is no to kill the planet, but everything on it
    I'd say a scorched earth tactic is efficient.

    Well if it's a planet killer than mass extinction is the norm
    True, but cool factor.

    Well for a planet killer, size is generally so big it doesn't matter what the atmosphere does, it fucks shit up
    Ah, the Rod from God system. I like that, but my favorite orbital weapons system is the Hammer of Dawn. I like giant lasers of thermal energy.
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