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  • Mafia Choice Mafia.
    I forgot you were inno and voted for you, which made you trigger your gladiator ability, letting stryke win.
    Yo, there's a promo going on on the ASBdb that ends today! (I'm going through and letting everyone who's collected allowance this month but hasn't claimed the promo know.)
    De nada. Your Torchic should be up on Buy Pokémon. Let me know if it's landed properly.
    I couldn't be assed to count but from the final total in my bank it must've been something close to eight.
    Well, I can tell you that you were more charitable than Eifie. Not in total, but per unit.
    by any chance would you want to get an e-ref for this battle, or would you rather it wait?
    is your name by chance a portmeanteau of war and eagle

    for so long I thought it was just a random made-up combo of sounds

    but I stared long and hard at your avatar, and it clicked
    I found the Gladiator on an earlier search, but it's a bit different as the Gladiator always fights.
    er, you're battling me. TTC is the person applying to be a ref, and i'm the ref that's approving them.
    I guess there wasn't actual content in that post to warrant a modkill, but friendly warning, you're not supposed to post anything more than the word command if there's a Thing going on and you're not in the fight.

    Did anything terribly interesting happen while I was dead for infinite years? ^q^
    The window that comes out is weird but the registration happens anyway, yeah.
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