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  • So, uh, you forgot to add yourself to the playerlist for E4 Choice Mafia.
    Sure, I need some cash and this looks like a pretty good one to ease in on.

    Just a note though, I might be a tad slow until I get used to reffing again, is that okay, before I take it?
    do you have a FC and if you do can we exchange friend codes! I'm on a quest to get a medal that requires being online in a 'mon game at the same time as everyone in my friends list.
    Coincidentally, I do, but it is also integral to the game's due progress that I not carelessly reveal certain facts of the setup.
    Who knows? We don't even know for sure whether you'll be revived at all.

    Rest assured that you'll be notified exactly when/if that happens, though.
    It's never been broken for me. Try refreshing the page.

    (By the way, I was joking about punishing you for not voting for me :p I think you know this, but just to be clear.)
    That, or I'll just rehash some things in future games. I can always put a new spin on them, too...
    It would have been nice, but I don't go into these games without expecting some people to die before they can do their cool thing.

    Granted, I didn't expect that many at once to go down either, but still.
    I think the players are hurting more than me right now :P

    Yeah, that much was rather unfortunate, but at least it didn't wreck the game as a whole. And besides, resolving night actions got twice as simple! :P
    Amusing, whenever they're not completely grilling me. :P

    Not quite... Well, all will be clear as soon as the game's over, of course.
    It's been quite long, yes, but it should be wrapping up this dusk.

    Well, what can I say, it came out of an interaction of powers that I didn't see coming. Maybe that'll teach me not to wrap setups up at 4 AM. :P
    Yeah, that bit was a rather unfortunate. Although the players who didn't get slaughtered have sure had a lot of fun since.
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