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  • It's called a planet killer. The description is really in the name. And can anything on the planet survive when the planet's reduced to gravel? I think not.
    Considering it wastes energy on killing things that don't need to be killed, I'd say it's the opposite.

    Oh, I think you may have misunderstood how the planet-killers would work. It's not so much "hurl a very large rock at them" as "fly something through them at very high speed". Imagine firing a bullet through a melon.
    I find coolness in efficiency.

    That somewhat lacks finesse. It is preferable to have degrees of force that do not involve mass extinction.
    It's hard for a laser to deliver as much energy as a projectile.

    Asteroids aren't necessarily bad, but they don't tend to move as fast and do tend to break up during entry.
    Eh. Lasers are neat and all, but I like how much energy can be delivered just by moving things fast enough.

    By extension, any series with FTL travel has easy access to planet-killer weapons.
    My preferred method of dealing with stupid people is orbital bombardment. It's amazing how many problems can be solved with a tungsten rod dropped from space.
    Which one?

    An option, I suppose, but it runs into the problem of money. If there's one thing people don't like, it's other people; they rarely support their money going to help anyone but themselves.
    License. The trouble is, how would it be enforced? I highly doubt people would look kindly upon mandatory abortions. Nor on infanticide.
    I know, I was making a joke based on your typos.

    It was hyperbolic. People do act as though they've got a rock where their brain should be though.
    You are not allowed to continue any kind of game talk in a mafia thread when you're dead. Silly last comments that don't affect the game like Majora's "I was right, you were all wrong" are okay occasionally, but disputing somebody's claim is definitely not.

    Also, for the record, all games I've played with oracles have allowed them to ask questions about roles and claims so long as they don't make reference to any specific player. "Has a mafia member claimed roleblocker?" is okay, but "Is X roleblocker?" is not. Broken? Perhaps - but note the oracle can't use any of their information without revealing themselves, at which point the mafia should consider them just as hot a target as an inspector.
    Thank you.

    It occurs to me that perhaps cruelty to animals is the wrong sort of crime; when done to another sapient I'm pretty sure it's assault.
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