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  • No worries. I was thinking we ought to try and get the last of the mega evolution stuff hammered out soon, so I was going to revive the thread in Meta--you can post your stuff there when you find it, if you like!
    Awesome, thanks. Shouldn't be any spoilers unless you go into the db and see who gets the new attacks/abilities, I think!
    I proposed some effects/descriptions for the missing USUM abilities in the social group, if you wanted to take a look.
    Either a Lucky Egg or a Vulaby, but I'm like 90% sure the Vullaby was from Keldeo.

    Neku very much appreciates the Reaper Cloth, too. Now he can be even edgier!
    in the tcod telegram chat hunger games you died in the second-stupidest way possible

    (I died in the stupidest way: there was only one other person left, and I attempted to climb a tree, fell down, and died.)
    I think Shadow posted something on the E-Ref thread a month ago, but there haven't been any takers, and since you're still active, I thought I'd come to you. Anyway, thanks for replying, I didn't really know what to do!
    Hey, MF, do you think you could do another reffing for my battle against Shadow11615? It's been 3 1/2 months, so I don't know if you abandoned it or just forgot...
    I hereby submit my apprentice for approval, if you want to look over the battle or whatever.
    I'm just going to preemptively ask for an extension until mid-August or so, haha... hahaha...
    No, I just mean charging a flat 2% for protecting against all non-damaging moves.
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