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  • I've actually been pretty glad that you haven't posted it yet because I hardly have the time to look at the forums at all these days, so don't worry about it.
    I'm working on my commands for the tournament battle, but I think I might need a few extra days. Can you hold off on posting a DQ warning for a bit?
    Hi, I'm a little unsure about the arena for the tournament semifinals - just for clarification, would it be the area marked by "06" in this picture, or is it somewhere else? I haven't played XY, so I'm not sure if this is anywhere near the right place.
    I've left my last ASB Awards prize sitting there for far too long, so I guess I'll claim it now. Just a Rare Candy would be great.
    Hey MF, is there any way I could wrap up my battles with Lord of the Fireflies? He hasn't visited the forums in over three months and I'm still in two battles with him, one of which hasn't been active since October.
    If nobody who can ref much faster than me volunteers — and if it's a 2v2 or fewer (I don't want to necessarily commit to a battle as long as a 3v3 at the moment) — I can take on the extra tournament battle, if you'd like. There's only one round left in the only battle I'm currently reffing, so I should be able to take it on without being overloaded.
    Yo, I did end up going with the Kanto promo idea, in case you hadn't seen. (Just letting you know since it's the last day and I see you haven't collected it yet!)
    Hey MF, I'm not trying to be nitpicky or anything, but when is your next reffing for me vs. Shadow11615 coming?
    Actually, on that note, are you done giving out ASB awards prizes? If so I'd like to retract your admin powers again, just to avoid any other mix-ups.
    Oh, no, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing else before I continued doing them myself. Iiii'm actually not sure who sent MD to you for his Darumaka.
    Hey! Have you taken care of any tournament prizes other than MD's Darumaka?

    Also a belated thank you for the Rare Candy, money, and a fish; it really means a lot to me whenever people express appreciation for the db because holy shit I put a lot of effort into it, hahah. I really want to do a blitz soon and fix everything that's been piling up... like sig stuff......
    Hey there! I'd like a Hidden Ability Darumaka as my reward from this battle, and I was told to ask you to do the Database magic. Hoohoo!
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